The Most Beautiful Witch in The Legend of Liêu trai chí dị: A 50-Year-Old Woman Stays Youthful Like 30 with Thigh Massage

At 47 years old, the stunning Tăng Lê still outshines many young girls with her timeless beauty.


Tang Le was born in 1976 and gained popularity in the 2000s. She was a student at the Central Academy of Drama with Zhang Zi Di, Tan Hai Lu…She was praised for her outstanding beauty. After The New Legend of Madame White Snake, she was called the most beautiful witch on screen. After some ups and downs in her love life, Tang Le’s career has declined. At the age of 50, she made a comeback with supporting roles in popular films such as The Immortal Han Xian Lan (playing the mother of Zhao Lu Tu), Du Phuong Hanh, Di Ai Vi Doanh…But Tang Le’s beauty still attracts a lot of attention. Her secret is:

Thigh massage every morning

Tang Le doesn’t do regular face massages, instead she massages her thighs for about 5 minutes every morning. Thigh massage helps clear the meridian pathway of the gallbladder – located on the outer side of the thigh. She lightly squeezes from the hip to the knee until it warms up. This method speeds up metabolism and detoxifies the body. However, this method should not be applied after meals, during menstrual cycles, and while pregnant.

Brushing hair 100 times

Before going to bed, Tang Le brushes her hair a hundred times. This helps stimulate the acupuncture points on the scalp, promoting better blood circulation. It not only benefits the scalp and hair, but also gives a rosy and fresh complexion.

Facial massage

Every time Tang Le takes care of her skin and applies moisturizer, she uses her thumbs to gently massage from the chin to the ears about 30 times. Then, she continues to gently massage from the sides of the nose towards the temples. This facial massage not only helps you relax but also tones the face, defines the jawline, and sharpens facial features. Regular massage also helps firm facial muscles, prevent sagging, and make the face more slender. Massaging while applying essence helps the skin absorb it more effectively.

Muscle stretching

Spending 10-15 minutes stretching before bed not only helps relieve tension and relax muscles but also facilitates falling asleep. As a result, sleep quality is improved, creating ideal conditions for skin regeneration and recovery.

Seasonal eating

According to the principles of nature, food is at its best quality when grown seasonally. Furthermore, when grown seasonally, food is less likely to contain preservatives and has better nutritional value. That’s why Tang Le often eats seasonal and locally grown food.

Drinking tea