Unlock the Weight Loss Benefits of Aesthetic Bone Modification

Do you want to know if orthognathic surgery is a good option for slimming the face? Discover the answer in this informative article.


When it comes to Asian beauty standards, a small and elegant face is highly regarded. As a result, various aesthetic methods have been developed to help slim down the face, with facial contouring surgery being one of the popular options. Among the techniques, bone designing has gained popularity in Vietnam. So, what exactly is this method? Allow us to explain.

1What is bone designing?

Origin of the bone designing method

Bone designing, also known as maxillofacial manipulation, is a technique widely used in Korea, Japan, and recently introduced in Vietnam. It originated from Japan and was further developed by Dr. Hironori Matsunishi, a renowned expert in bone manipulation.

Origin of the bone designing methodOrigin of the bone designing method

How does the bone designing method work?

This method is considered painless, non-invasive, and does not require surgery or a lengthy recovery period. The procedure involves manual manipulation of the facial bones by skilled practitioners. It is based on the principle of the joints located in the skull bones, with the aim of reshaping the face for a slimmer and more balanced appearance.

Prior to the procedure, the doctor will use specialized tools to measure the proportions of each part of the face in order to make precise adjustments.

How does the bone designing method work?How does the bone designing method work?

2Benefits of the bone designing method

By undergoing bone designing, individuals can achieve changes in the length and slimness of their faces. Additionally, this method also helps reduce the size of the jawbone, elevate the nasal tip, and straighten the cheekbones. It can also address facial asymmetry caused by sleeping habits or chewing patterns.

Benefits of the bone designing methodBenefits of the bone designing method

3Who is bone designing suitable for?

Given its remarkable benefits, bone designing is particularly suitable for individuals with facial imperfections such as elevated cheekbones, facial imbalance, fractures, or crooked jaw joints.

Who is bone designing suitable for?Who is bone designing suitable for?

4Is bone designing safe?

According to Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong, a lecturer at Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University, bone designing is a completely safe method that does not involve medication, injections, or surgical procedures for treatment.

However, the effectiveness of this method still needs further evaluation and may vary depending on an individual’s physical condition. Additionally, experts recommend not using this method if immediate results are desired or if there is a fear of pain.

Bone designing is considered safeBone designing is considered safe

This article aims to provide information about the bone designing method and its benefits. We hope it proves useful to you, and feel free to follow us for more valuable insights!

Source: VTC News