40+ Super Sharp, Vibrant and Refreshing Green Tree Wallpapers for Both Computers and Phones

The green tree background is one of the most popular nature wallpapers due to its fresh and vibrant beauty, characterized by the lush green color of trees. The green tree background will give you a refreshing and relaxing study or work space. Let's take a look right away!


There are various types of green tree backgrounds, from endless forests in shades of green to small saplings striving to grow. Depending on your preference, you can choose a suitable green tree background. Here are some suggestions for the most beautiful green tree backgrounds for you.

Green tree backgrounds for computers

Green tree background – forest

If you’re looking for a background image that fits your laptop, a forest background is a great choice. Forest backgrounds often feature beautiful natural landscapes, with lush green trees, winding rivers, and wild animals.

A forest background provides a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, helping to alleviate stress and fatigue. Additionally, forest backgrounds can create a fresh and cool atmosphere for a room or workspace.

There are various types of forest backgrounds, from tropical forests with towering palm trees and majestic waterfalls to pine forests with lush green fir and spruce trees. Depending on individual preferences and styles, you can choose a suitable forest background.

Green tree background – young sprouts

In contrast to the serene image of mature forests, young sprouts symbolize constant growth and upward striving. While mature forests bring a sense of tranquility and bear the marks of time, witnessing the changes of the world, young sprouts offer the perspective of a child, desiring to observe and explore a vibrant world. They represent new beginnings, hopes, and dreams.

Using a green tree background with images of young sprouts can bring positive inspiration and motivate effective work and study.

Green tree background on the prairie

A green tree background on the prairie depicts the beautiful natural scenery of vast grasslands, adorned with refreshing green trees. This is one of the most loved types of backgrounds due to its simple and familiar beauty, evoking a sense of relaxation and comfort.

A green tree background on the prairie often features dominant green tones combined with the yellow of sunlight and the white of the sky, creating a lively and fresh natural painting. Tall, wide-spreading green trees and small wildflowers add vibrancy to the landscape.

Green tree backgrounds for phones

In addition to backgrounds for computers, green tree backgrounds for phones are also relaxing and refreshing. Most green tree backgrounds for phones shared by FPT Shop are compatible with Xiaomi, Samsung, or Vivo phones, so feel free to choose!

How to download green tree backgrounds

You can easily and quickly download lively green tree backgrounds through the shared links below:

Check out the full HD green tree backgrounds here.


Through this article, we can see that green tree backgrounds are not just ordinary images. Depending on how each person perceives them, they can have different meanings. Green tree backgrounds are not only used for decoration but also a way to express ourselves. You can choose a green tree background with a meaningful layer that impresses you and reflects your true self.