7 Lucky Houseplants for a Prosperous Lunar New Year: These Long-living Species Bring Good Fortune

Below are the types of ornamental plants and their meanings for you to refer to when choosing decorations for your home.


Orchid Flower

This “queen” flower symbolizes wealth, elegance, and sophistication. In feng shui, orchids bring good luck and prosperity to the homeowner. Because of its elegant beauty and vibrant colors, this flower is often displayed in the living room during the spring season.

Spring Bud

Spring bud represents growth, vitality, and brings good luck. Along with peach blossom, kumquat tree, and spring bud flowers, they are essential decorations in many households during the Lunar New Year.

Money Tree

The name itself already earns points because “money tree” attracts luck, wealth, and prosperity. In Vietnam, there are nearly 20 types of money trees, but the most popular is the “money tree of fortune” or the lucky bamboo. The tree can be grown in a pot or in water.

This type of tree has a fully green color, a straight trunk, and is divided into multiple branches full of vitality. The tree’s canopy can be twisted as desired or left to grow naturally, both of which are beautiful. According to feng shui, money trees belong to the Wood element, so if you choose to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a money tree, place it in the East or Southeast direction to promote its healthy growth and enhance the positive energy in your home.

Red Bud Tree

The red bud tree is highly favored by plant enthusiasts. It has the ability to filter dust and toxic gases in the air, including cigarette smoke. Therefore, planting this tree indoors is beneficial for the homeowner’s health. Moreover, in feng shui, the red bud tree carries many interesting meanings.

It is believed to be a symbol of happiness, bringing harmony to the family. The red bud tree represents strong willpower and vitality because it can live up to a hundred years in its natural environment.

Money Plant

The money plant brings good luck, health, and longevity, and is relatively affordable. Many families choose to decorate their homes with money plants during the Lunar New Year. You can place a money plant pot in front of your doorstep, in the living room, or arrange it in a vase as a meaningful wish for your family in the new year.

Red Beet

Red beet is known for its nutritional value as a food. However, in recent years, red beet has been grown by many people during the Lunar New Year as a decorative plant with various positive feng shui meanings: The round shape symbolizes warmth and abundance. The red color symbolizes wealth and luck.

Orchid Flower

Orchids are known for their vibrant and eye-catching colors, making them a popular choice during the Lunar New Year. Orchids can thrive in harsh conditions, symbolizing resilience and strong vitality. Orchid flowers last long and can be enjoyed for a whole month. It is believed that if the orchid blooms during the Lunar New Year, it signifies prosperity and wealth for the homeowner in the new year.

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Frequently asked questions

There are several houseplants considered lucky for the Lunar New Year, each with its own symbolic meaning. For instance, the Money Tree is believed to bring wealth and prosperity, while the Peace Lily represents purity and prosperity. The Rubber Tree is thought to attract good fortune and success, and the Jade Plant is known for inviting wealth and success. Additionally, the Lucky Bamboo is a symbol of strength and flexibility, and the Chinese Evergreen brings harmony and positive energy. Lastly, the Orchids represent luxury, beauty, and refinement.

The houseplants mentioned are all long-living species. With proper care, they can survive for many years, even decades. For example, the Money Tree, Rubber Tree, and Jade Plant can all live for up to 20 years or more. The Peace Lily can also live for a long time, typically lasting for 15 years or more with the right care. Lucky Bamboo, Chinese Evergreen, and Orchids also have long lifespans, ranging from several years to over a decade.

Houseplants are believed to bring good fortune and enhance the festive atmosphere during the Lunar New Year celebrations. They are considered symbols of life and growth, and are thought to attract positive energy into the home. Additionally, the vibrant greenery and blooming flowers of these plants add to the decor and symbolize a fresh start for the coming year.

Each plant has specific care requirements, but some general tips include ensuring they receive adequate sunlight, watering them regularly but avoiding overwatering, and providing well-drained soil. It’s also important to keep the plants away from drafts and extreme temperatures. Feeding them with a balanced fertilizer during their growing season can also help promote healthy growth.

Yes, placement is important to maximize the lucky effects. It is believed that placing the Money Tree near the entrance of your home or office can invite wealth and prosperity. The Peace Lily should be placed in a peaceful, harmonious area of the home, while the Rubber Tree thrives in bright, sunny spots. The Jade Plant is often placed near a window to symbolize opportunities flowing into the home. Lucky Bamboo can be placed almost anywhere, but a bright spot with indirect sunlight is ideal. Chinese Evergreens prefer partial shade, and Orchids thrive with bright, indirect light.