An altar facing this direction will waste wealth, the homeowner’s prayers throughout the year are still difficult.

Having this feng shui flaw when setting up an altar can bring bad luck into your home. Homeowners should consider and fix this issue as soon as possible.


According to the belief of Eastern people, the worship area is a place of great importance. Although it can be small, it is always decorated solemnly and kept clean, showing respect. Choosing the location to place the altar, to make it suitable, needs to be paid attention by families.

Avoid placing the altar directly facing the entrance

According to Feng Shui experts, if the altar faces directly towards the entrance, it will lose positive energy and bring bad luck to the occupants.

In case the house is too small and the family cannot arrange the altar in another place, they should use curtains to cover the front and sides of the altar, so that the altar is not directly facing the entrance. This can prevent outsiders from easily peeking into the worship area of the family.


Avoid placing the altar near the kitchen

According to folklore beliefs, placing the altar near the kitchen will bring heavy fire energy. This can cause instability or decline in the family’s fortunes.

It is best to find a location far from the kitchen to place the altar. If it is not possible to change the location due to space constraints, it is advisable to place a mirror at the altar to counteract the negative energy.

Avoid placing the altar near the bathroom

The bathroom is a place where waste is discarded, constantly damp, and has an unpleasant odor. Placing the altar next to the bathroom is highly discouraged.

To avoid disrespect and maintain the solemnity, it is advisable to place the altar far away from the bathroom.

Avoid placing the altar facing away from the house

Placing the altar facing away from the house is considered inauspicious as it is believed to cause disharmony and conflicts among family members, and even affect the lineage.

The altar should be placed according to the direction that is compatible with the homeowner’s destiny. If the destiny belongs to the East group, the altar should be placed in one of the four directions: Khảm, Tốn, Chấn, Ly; if it belongs to the West group, the altar should be placed in the directions Đoài, Càn, Cấn, Khôn.


Avoid placing the altar in a high traffic area

The altar should be placed in a quiet and peaceful area, avoiding placing it in a high traffic area. Places with frequent movement are often noisy and dusty, which can affect the peace of the ancestors and deities. In such cases, luck and prosperity will be difficult to come to the family.

This information is for reference and contemplation purposes.

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