The General’s advice: 5 signs on the palm that the God of Wealth “marks”, leading to future prosperity

Someone with an M-shaped palm, a lucky line or a star shape is believed to have a prosperous life ahead.


The M-shaped line on the palm

The M-shaped line on the palm, according to the perspective of palmistry, is a symbol of luck and talent. If someone has this line on their palm, they are predicted to have success and good fortune, with special abilities in various aspects of life. The M line is formed by the intersection of the life line, the intelligence line, and the emotional line.

People with the M-shaped line, whether on the left or right hand, are often described as capable and excellent. For those with the M line on their left hand, they tend to be oriented towards emotions and may be easily influenced by this factor. On the other hand, those with the M line on their right hand tend to live logically and decisively.

chi-tay-chu-m (1)

These individuals are usually skillful and good communicators, knowing how to highlight the value of others while maintaining their own. They have keen intuition and can achieve great success in any field.

The Lucky Line

Furthermore, the lucky line, also known as the Water Line, is described as a vertical line in the Mount of Luna, symbolizing wealth and success. Those with this line are expected to have a financially prosperous life and a good business acumen.

The Star shape

Lastly, the star-shaped line is the result of the intersection of three or more different lines, creating a symbol of luck and success.

If someone has a star shape on their hand, especially in the Mount of Sun or the Mount of Venus, they are often seen as lucky and have the potential for great success in their career, along with a happy and fulfilling married life.

The “One” point finger (一)

The “One” finger is formed by the unity of the Fate line and the Heart line on a single straight line. This symbol often appears on the palm and represents the concentration of all abilities and mental resources when performing a task, with the ultimate goal of achieving success.

People with the “One” finger line often devote their full dedication and effort, and therefore, they often achieve higher success compared to others.

In fact, many people with the “One” finger line have achieved wealth from a young age, or they are famous for their special success in the fields they pursue.


Although palm lines are considered “fortune tellers” of destiny, we must remember that luck can change at any time. No matter how developed the “career line” is, hard work is still the key to success. Similarly, no matter how long the “life line” is, if work and rest time is not managed properly, maintaining good health will also become difficult.

Therefore, we should not overly rely on predictions from these palm lines. Human success is the result of self-effort and cannot be achieved by simply waiting for luck without taking specific actions.

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