Ancestor’s Prohibition Proven Wrong: ‘5 Types of Trees that Bring Poverty and Lack to Your Home’

These types of trees are not good in terms of feng shui, so absolutely do not plant them around your house.


According to the belief of feng shui, trees play an extremely important role for families. If you plant the right type of trees, it will help your family develop, otherwise, planting bad trees will make your family’s fortune worsen over time.


There are 5 types of trees that should not be planted around the house:

Willow tree

In the garden or in front of the house, planting willow trees is the most unlucky. Although they provide shade, according to feng shui, willow trees look melancholic, with a sad appearance, which brings bad luck.

If you plant willow trees, the owner will face many unfortunate events, wasting money, and all efforts will be in vain. In addition, according to folk belief, willow trees belong to the yin energy, so they bring negative energy to the house. Willow trees do not bear fruit, which makes one think of having a lack of offspring.



Although cacti are popular for decorating interiors and purifying the air, they should not be planted in front of the house. Cacti have many thorns that can block the flow of wealth for homeowners.

Many people believe that cacti also absorb negative energy, creating a dull and lifeless atmosphere.

In particular, cacti with sharp thorns are not suitable for families with small children as it limits their playfulness and exploration.

Air plant

This is an easy-to-grow and easy-to-live plant, so many people like to grow it for decoration. However, folklore believes that this is a plant that attracts evil forces, bringing misfortune to the family.

Moreover, air plants thrive in humid environments, and if they are not regularly cleaned, they will not ensure good health for themselves and their families.

Asparagus fern

Asparagus ferns used to be a relatively common plant in rural areas, because the sound they make when the wind blows through them sounds like applause, so they are also called the “ghost applause”. People believe that asparagus ferns have heavy energy, so planting them in the yard can make the family poor and decline. And when you are sleeping at night, listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the asparagus fern can also affect your sleep.

Silk floss tree


In Chinese, the pronunciation of “Silk floss tree” is similar to the word “mourning”, so the silk floss tree symbolizes grief. Silk floss trees carry heavy energy, and if planted in front of the house for a long time, it will affect the energy of the house. People living in such houses usually become weak and prone to illness.

So what trees should be planted in the house?

Lucky bamboo

Just from the name, you can tell that this is a “plant” with a wonderful meaning. With its tall height, it is suitable for placement in the living room or hallway. It not only symbolizes career and family prosperity but can also absorb formaldehyde to purify the air, making the indoor air cleaner.

Aloe vera


Due to its unique shape, this plant is often used as a decorative plant for gratitude. Aloe vera is a sun-loving plant that does not require fertilizers. The fragrant wood can help remove formaldehyde and keep mosquitoes away in the summer, making it ideal for indoor planting.

Sunflower tree

When it comes to sunflowers (also known as mộc flower or mộc tree), everyone thinks of the fragrance of the flowers first. Every August, the sunflower trellis in front of the house releases a fragrant and refreshing scent. Sunflower trees not only serve as decorations but also have practical value, as they can be processed into tea and sunflower wine, which have nourishing and beautifying effects.

Pomegranate tree

The first tree among the 5 trees in the yard is the pomegranate tree! “Planting pomegranate trees in the East brings gold, planting plum trees in the West brings silver” has been a famous saying, meaning that if you plant pomegranate trees in the East and plum trees in the West, your family will be wealthier, indicating how popular pomegranate trees are.

Pomegranate trees are not picky about the environment and are easy to grow, making them highly sought after as decorative plants. In addition to their strong growth ability, pomegranate trees also look like decorative objects. The vibrant flowers are beautiful, and when the pomegranate flowers bloom and sway on the branches, it gives a sense of excitement, abundance, and satisfaction.

Pomegranate flowers are beautiful, and mature pomegranates are valuable. The pomegranates are large, with a bright red color, and they look cute and taste delicious. It is a fruit that everyone loves. In addition to its decorative value, the pomegranate fruit has a special meaning.

The pomegranate fruit contains many seeds, which means “offspring”. The people of East Asia attach great importance to the inheritance of their lineage, and the meaning of many “seeds” is actually very good, meaning having many children and lots of blessings. From this perspective, the pomegranate tree has a higher and more beautiful meaning, so people include the pomegranate tree on the list of 5 trees in the yard, hoping for a happy family and abundant descendants.

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