Are Longer Second Toes a Sign of Disrespect?

In ancient times, it was believed that by looking at someone's toes, one could predict their fate and life journey.


The second toe is longer than the thumb

An ancient tradition has recorded the proverb: “The second toe is longer than the thumb, usually being a supporting role for the parents’ upbringing”. This implies that if the second toe is longer than the thumb, the person is usually not filial.

The reason stems from the belief in respecting order in the family, where people often consider the thumb as the “pillar” of the foot, placed in the first position and larger in size. If there is a difference, it is considered a violation of the family order and loses filial piety. People with such feet are often seen as disrespectful, unfilial, and prone to conflicts with their parents.

However, it is important to remember that this belief has no scientific basis and is only a custom, a traditional thought. It reflects old thinking and is subject to change over time. Nowadays, we no longer value beliefs that have no scientific basis and often seek fairness and understanding of the diverse aspects of human beings.

The pinkie toe is very small

The small pinkie toe often represents innocence and a playful, humorous personality. People who have this type of foot often create a sense of closeness, friendliness, and are known to be easy to approach and share their thoughts with others.

In addition, when facing challenges and difficulties, these individuals often show courage and determination. They are not easily influenced by the opinions of others, and once they make a decision, they will stick to it and not let anything change their minds.

The pinkie toe is separated

People with the characteristic of the separated pinkie toe compared to the other toes often reflect a restrictive and rigid lifestyle, while also seeking excitement and drama in life.

In the workplace, they tend to become quickly bored, lack enthusiasm, and sometimes lose control of themselves. These individuals particularly enjoy risky challenges and exploring new things in life. Enthusiastic support from others can help them achieve great success.

The decreasing length of the toes

When the length of the toes gradually decreases from the thumb to the pinkie toe, these individuals often show a high regard for family life. Although their moods may change suddenly, they are always serious about ensuring family happiness. Family is their top priority, and they are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect and care for their family whenever necessary.

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