Bringing Back the Trend: Unique and Relaxing Autumn Decor with Fruit Branches

Autumn has arrived, bringing with it a fresh and exciting trend in interior decoration - fruit branch arrangements. Get ready to discover the latest craze that will add a touch of uniqueness to your autumn decor. Say goodbye to traditional flower arrangements and embrace the beauty of nature with these trendy fruit branch arrangements. Get ready for a super chill autumn unlike any other.


Autumn has arrived and the fruit branch trend is making a strong comeback. Decorating your home with fruit branches is not only a way to embrace the autumn season but also creates a relaxed, comfortable, and unique atmosphere. There are numerous beautiful and unique types of fruit branches that can add interesting accents to your living space. Let’s discover the latest fruit branch trends for this autumn.

1Hazelnut Branch

Hazelnut branches are a new type of fruit branch that has quickly caught the attention of many people. Originating from China, hazelnut branches bring a unique beauty with their furry hazelnuts and vibrant green color. When displayed as a whole branch, hazelnut branches create a tranquil and harmonious ambiance in any space.

Hazelnut branches are approximately 25-30 cm long and come in bundles of 5 branches. Depending on the size of your vase, you can adjust the number of branches accordingly. For instance, if you have a vase with a wide mouth of about 5cm, you can place 1 bundle of hazelnut branches for a beautiful arrangement. If the vase has a wider mouth of approximately 10cm, it is recommended to use 2 bundles of hazelnut branches for a more impactful effect.

Hazelnut branches are usually imported from China and currently have limited availability in the market. Retailers often require customers to pre-order to ensure timely delivery and meet demands. The estimated delivery time is 3-5 days after placing an order.

In addition to being exquisite decorations, hazelnut branches can also be used in cooking. Similar to other fruit branches, hazelnut branches can be boiled or used to cook soups. Hazelnuts have a fragrant, nutty, and sweet taste, enhancing the flavor of any dish.

Price reference: The price of hazelnut branches ranges from 100,000-150,000 VND per bundle (including 5 branches).

Hazelnut BranchHazelnut Branch

2Lantern Fruit Branch

Lantern fruit branches have become a popular trend in the market since last year, thanks to their delicate beauty resembling lanterns that emit a pink glow during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Each lantern fruit is divided into 5 parts, and when inserted, the mature lanterns automatically bloom, revealing red seeds inside, creating a lantern-like shape. Compared to other types of fruit branches that usually have few leaves, lantern fruit branches have thick foliage and prominent clusters of pink fruit against a green backdrop.

Huyen, a fruit branch vendor in Hanoi, noticed a high demand for this type of branch since last year. This year, she has pre-ordered approximately 100 bundles and sells them through social media. Currently, she is collecting orders to import more branches. She also emphasizes that lantern fruit branches should have beautiful leaves but not be too dense, allowing the fruit to be clearly displayed and absorb water effectively. Upon receiving the branches, customers should trim the stems to prevent blockage and ensure the branches’ longevity.

This type of branch originates from China. However, its durability is limited, lasting only about 3-4 days before the fruit withers and falls off. Therefore, transporting the branches from China is challenging and increases the cost.

Price reference: Lantern fruit branches are available on e-commerce websites at approximately 200,000 VND per bundle. Each bundle contains 3-6 branches, with a length of about 70-80 cm, depending on the size of the branches.

Lantern Fruit BranchLantern Fruit Branch

3Persimmon Branch

Persimmon branches from Sapa have recently emerged in the market, attracting the attention of many people during the Mid-Autumn season. Unlike regular persimmon branches, persimmon branches feature small fruits that resemble quail eggs. The branches are approximately 50 cm long, adorned with numerous small fruits arranged like a string of pearls, creating a captivating beauty. Ripe persimmons exhibit a vibrant yellow color, adding a charming touch of autumn.

According to the vendor, persimmon branches can remain fresh for up to a month and still maintain their beauty until the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, like other fruit branches, regular water changes are necessary to preserve their freshness. Additionally, it is recommended to place the fruit vase in a cool area to prolong the branches’ lifespan.

Price reference: A set of persimmon branches costs approximately 135,000 VND, including 3-5 branches.

Persimmon BranchPersimmon Branch

4Other Types of Fruit Branches

Rose Branch

Rose branches are a top choice for many people, especially during the fruit branch trend. A vase of roses not only brings beauty but also spreads a sweet fragrance throughout the house.

Rose BranchRose Branch

Dragon Fruit Branch

Also known as pitaya, dragon fruit is an affordable and unique fruit commonly used for flower arrangements. Dragon fruit branches have excellent durability, with the fruit remaining ripe and intact for an extended period, making them an excellent choice for displaying in the house.

Dragon Fruit BranchDragon Fruit Branch

Coffee Branch

Ripe red coffee beans create a special highlight when arranged in a vase, providing a unique touch. Using coffee fruit branches will undoubtedly garner compliments from visitors to your house.

Coffee BranchCoffee Branch

Tomato Branch

Another charming option is the tomato kiểng branch. A vase filled with ripe, small, round, and cute tomato kiểng will surely captivate anyone. Moreover, tomato branches are very affordable and easy to find.

Tomato BranchTomato Branch

Plum Branch

Plum BranchPlum Branch

The resurgence of the fruit branch trend offers us many unique and interesting choices to adorn our living spaces in autumn. By using these diverse fruit branches, you can create a chill and distinctive ambiance in your home. Give these trends a try and savor a memorable and exciting autumn.