Don’t just water your Tet flowers, add a dash of this seasoning to keep them fresh all month.

With the following fresh flower arrangement formula for Tet, you will find that the flowers will last the whole month without worrying about them wilting.


Selecting Fresh Lunar New Year Flowers

One of the ways to keep flowers fresh and prevent them from wilting quickly is to choose buds that are still fresh and recently cut. If possible, buy flowers with their stems intact. Choose flowers with dewy petals, outer petals, and feel firm and fresh when touched.

In addition, if you are buying a bouquet, it is advisable to remove any withered flowers to avoid affecting the others. This will also help your flowers stay fresh for a longer time.

While purchasing flowers, avoid buying ones with missing dewy petals or soft petals as these are signs that the flowers have been stored for a long time or that the vendor has removed the withered petals before selling them. They may appear fresh on the outside, but in reality, they have been kept for 1-2 weeks and are not selling well.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

Add vinegar or lemon juice: When arranging fresh Lunar New Year flowers, if you want them to last longer, you should mix a little vinegar or fresh lemon juice in the water. The reason is that vinegar or lemon juice is highly acidic, which helps increase the acidity in the water, eliminate bacteria, and keep the flowers fresh for a longer time.

Prolonging freshness with mouthwash: Few would expect that mouthwash, in addition to its bacteria-killing purpose for oral hygiene, can also help flowers last longer. This is because mouthwash keeps the flowers fresh with its antibacterial properties. Moreover, mouthwash also has the ability to remove bacteria, plaque, and help the flower water stay clean for a longer period.

Adding vitamin B1 supplement: When arranging flowers, you can add vitamin B1 pills to help the stems absorb water faster. You can crush the vitamin B1 tablet and dissolve it in the flower water. This method is particularly effective with sturdy-stemmed flowers such as roses, dahlias, etc.

Aspirin: Aspirin has the ability to inhibit bacterial growth. To keep the flowers fresh, crush 1 aspirin tablet and dissolve it in the flower water. Remember to change the water daily to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time. This way, you can keep the flowers for 2-3 weeks without wilting.

White wine: The components of white wine can minimize bacterial growth in the water, especially when flowers are cut from the plant. When arranging flowers, add a few drops of Vodka and 1 teaspoon of sugar to the water to keep the flowers fresh.

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