Don’t Use or Throw Away the Expensive Umbrella, Just Follow the Feng Shui Master’s Advice

Money is a cherished possession for many individuals, and at times, it holds sentimental value due to the memories associated with it. However, in order to prevent financial downfall, it is crucial to handle it wisely.


The wallet represents your luck and fortune. It is your “money stash”. The wallet is sometimes associated with memories that you don’t want to let go of. It can be bought on special occasions. It is made specifically for you with personal features. It was given to you by someone important… There are many reasons why people want to keep using their old worn-out wallets instead of replacing them.

But according to feng shui, using the same wallet for a long time is not good. You should replace the wallet if it shows the following signs:

The wallet is torn, worn-out, old

The wallet is where you keep your money. According to feng shui, using an old, worn-out wallet will not bring luck to the owner but instead cause money loss, dropping, and the loss of fortune. Therefore, using an old wallet is considered bad luck in feng shui. When the wallet is torn, worn-out, or damaged after using it for more than 5 years, it is a sign that you should change it. First, to prevent money from falling out, and second, to change your luck and increase your wealth.

The wallet does not bring luck

When you use a wallet but don’t feel lucky when keeping money in it, you feel that it brings you bad luck. You find the color, size… inconvenient and not favorable to you. That is when you need to change to a different wallet that is more suitable, comfortable, and brings convenience. Choose a color that matches your destiny, a size that fits your needs, and a material that suits your desires.

Solving the problem of an unlucky wallet: not just throwing it away

When you no longer need to use a wallet, you need to handle it in a feng shui manner. Don’t just throw it away when it serves as a source of wealth for you. Any wallet used to be your money stash, so don’t disrespect it by throwing it away just because it is old and worn-out.

Disposing of it disrespectfully also affects your money and luck. Therefore, handle the wallets that are no longer in use as follows:

– For the wallets you want to keep as a memory: Put them in a box and store them in a place where you cherish them like a lucky charm. At that time, you transform their function. They will be kept in a safe or drawer… Make sure they are clean, fresh, and free from mold or dirt.

– For the wallets that you no longer use but are not old, don’t give them to others. Giving away your wallet means giving away your fortune, so don’t give others your old wallet.

– For the wallets that are no longer lucky and you want to throw away: Don’t throw them in the trash. Wrap them in a cloth bag or wrap them carefully in paper, then throw them into the river on a rainy day. That is a way to change the fate of the wallet without affecting your luck and fortune.

The wallet is an important item related to money, so you need to pay attention to prevent money loss. When using a wallet, avoid keeping it empty without money, avoid keeping it dirty, avoid storing old receipts, avoid putting large items that will damage the wallet, avoid keeping pictures of loved ones inside the wallet…

The information provided is for reference and observation purposes only

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