Flight attendants advise you to always carry hand sanitizer and tissues on board, surprising benefits, don’t forget

Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a pack of tissues in your carry-on luggage onboard the airplane will provide you with numerous benefits that not everyone is aware of.


When flying, especially on long-haul flights, you will need to use the restroom, tray table, blanket, etc., and flight attendants advise that you should be very mindful of this. This is because airplanes are regularly cleaned but still, many areas become “hotspots” for bacteria, germs, especially during times of strong bacterial and viral outbreaks.

Therefore, flight attendants advise you to be cautious of all surfaces on the aircraft, especially the fold-out meal tray at the front seat, restroom, blanket, and tray table…

Airplanes are very dirty, so hand sanitizer is essential to prevent infection

Flight attendant Josephine Remo revealed in Travel + Leisure that she always advises people to be careful when using the airplane toilet. Although they are cleaned regularly, the lock and handle are not. Sanitizing your hands after touching these surfaces is extremely important. They can cause you to get infected with diseases. You should clean your hands both before and after using the toilet to protect yourself and those around you. In addition to the door handle, toilet flush button, wall, sink, toilet paper dispenser in the airplane toilet are rarely thoroughly cleaned.

Therefore, it is best if you bring your own hand sanitizer. With small bottles of 100 ml, you can easily bring them on the plane. Flight attendants advise you to clean your hands when touching anything in the seat pocket in front of you and when using the restroom.

Don’t use the airplane toilet paper

Another flight attendant named Brenda Orelus, from Miami (USA), believes that you should not use the toilet paper on the plane. According to her, the toilet paper on the plane can be contaminated due to the environment, and she believes that sometimes it even gets soaked with someone else’s urine. Therefore, it is best to bring your own dry tissue. If possible, bring both a dry and wet tissue.

The 6 dirtiest things on the airplane that you should be mindful of

The US-based Business Insider magazine once revealed the 6 dirtiest places on the airplane, including: free magazines, the front seat screen, blanket and pillow, toilet, meal tray, seat pocket.

Therefore, when touching these things, be sure to maintain good hygiene. They are used by many people, so they are often passed from one hand to another. The blanket and pillow always come into direct contact with the user’s skin and hair, but they are rarely washed immediately after use, so they can become a medium for harboring and spreading diseases from one person to another.

The front pockets are usually used to hold magazines, but passengers can use them as rubbish bins, so they are prone to contamination. The meal tray is also used by passengers at least once for each flight and for a variety of purposes, even hiding chewing gum or acting as a changing pad for babies.

Therefore, when flying, especially on long-haul flights, it is advisable to prepare personal hygiene “helpers” such as hand sanitizer, dry tissue, wet tissue to ensure that you do not get infected during the flight. Absolutely do not huddle up the blanket or magazine on your face. When using the restroom, you should pay special attention to ensure safety.