Flight attendants often bring a banana on board: Turns out, it’s for this purpose

Most flight attendants have a habit of carrying a banana with them when flying, leaving many people wondering about their purpose.


Why do flight attendants often bring bananas on board?

Flight attendants work at relatively high altitudes, so they often experience low oxygen levels and low pressure. In addition, their biological clocks are disrupted due to working in different time zones, which can have a significant impact on their health, resulting in common symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and fatigue. Moreover, the dense flight schedule leaves flight attendants with very little time to rest. Bananas stimulate the production and development of the mucous membranes of the stomach, which serve as a protective layer to prevent gastric acid from damaging the stomach. If this mucous membrane is damaged, it can lead to symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and ulcers. Consuming bananas helps flight attendants protect their stomachs and alleviate discomfort at any time.

Furthermore, bananas contain a type of cellulose called pectin, which moisturizes the intestines and promotes smooth bowel movements, helping to relieve constipation and digestive discomfort.

Moreover, as the airplane ascends, the air pressure decreases, which can affect blood pressure. Bananas, high in potassium content, help the body eliminate excess sodium and effectively control blood pressure, as well as prevent cardiovascular diseases.

This is why flight attendants often bring bananas on their flights to ensure their health.

What’s in a flight attendant’s luggage?

Here are some items typically found in the luggage of flight attendants around the world:

According to The Travel, one essential item in a flight attendant’s luggage is their travel documents. They are required to carry documents such as their flight attendant ID card, flight certificates, approved health certificates, and passport.

– Mobile phones are indispensable for flight attendants as they serve various purposes related to their work. Flight attendants use their phones to check flight information, update flight schedules, communicate with support units such as airport transportation teams, make hotline calls for passenger and personal health issues, and more.

In addition, according to Simple Flying, flat shoes, gloves, outer coats, or spare uniforms are items that flight attendants always pack in their luggage before each flight. Some flight attendants also carry a sewing kit to handle temporary clothing malfunctions. These items ensure their comfort and maintain their health and professionalism in front of passengers.

Of course, a flight attendant’s luggage would not be complete without clothes and personal hygiene items, cosmetics, and food containers. Many flight attendants also carry flashlights, first aid kits, snacks, notebooks, and pens to record important flight information.

Regulations on flight attendant luggage

According to regulations, flight crew members and flight attendants are only allowed to carry small flight bags or rolling suitcases and coat bags that can fit inside the flight bag or rolling suitcase on short or medium-haul flights. On long-haul flights to destinations in Europe, Australia, and chartered flights with longer stays, larger suitcases can be used. Coat bags must be placed inside the flight bag or rolling suitcase.

Previously, flight crew members were allowed to carry one carry-on suitcase and one checked luggage weighing no more than 32kg, with expedited customs clearance through internal priority gates, but they still had to go through customs inspections like regular passengers.

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