How to Download TeraBox: The Ultimate Cloud Storage App for iOS, Android, and PC

Many technology enthusiasts may wonder how to download TeraBox. TeraBox is a reputable and user-friendly cloud storage application that is widely used on iOS, Android, and PC platforms. It offers high-quality storage services.


TeraBox brings users the ability to store different types of data comfortably and securely. Below, we will learn more about TeraBox, its prominent features, and how to download TeraBox on different platforms.

What is TeraBox?

TeraBox is an application that provides a high-quality and free cloud storage solution, attracting over 35 million users worldwide. With storage capacity of up to 1024GB (equivalent to 1TB), you have the ability to store millions of documents, images, videos, and various types of data. This helps you not only save storage space on personal devices but also ensures information security with ISO/IEC cloud security certification.

Prominent features of TeraBox

TeraBox offers 1024GB of free cloud storage

TeraBox provides 1024GB of free cloud storage (equivalent to 1TB), allowing you to store up to 6.5 million different documents, or over 400,000 images, or over 51,200 1-minute videos. This not only helps save storage space on personal devices but also ensures security with ISO/IEC cloud security certification.

Allows uploading and sending large files up to 20GB

With TeraBox, you have the ability to quickly upload and send files up to 20GB in size, making it easy to share large data.

Automatic backup of photos, folders, and videos to prevent data loss

TeraBox integrates automatic backup features to help users no longer worry about losing important data. This ensures reliability and safety in work and study processes.

Conveniently stream audio and video

Instead of downloading audio and video before playing, TeraBox allows you to quickly and conveniently stream, saving time and storage space.

Quick and easy folder creation and file movement

This application helps you create and move folders easily and quickly. You also have the ability to share files with others via email. In addition, online management, real-time editing, and remote data downloading are also simple tasks to perform.

Upload videos to Facebook and TikTok directly from the TeraBox app

TeraBox allows you to easily upload videos to social platforms such as Facebook and TikTok quickly and conveniently. These features make TeraBox a powerful and versatile cloud storage application, helping users manage and share data effectively.

How to download TeraBox on iOS

Downloading TeraBox on iOS is simple, just follow these steps:

  • On a device running iOS, the first step is to access the App Store.
  • In the App Store interface, use the search bar and type “TeraBox” to find the app.
  • When the search results appear, click the Get button to download the TeraBox app to your phone.

How to download TeraBox on Android

Downloading TeraBox on Android is also easy, just follow these steps:

  • On a phone running the Android operating system, start by opening the CH Play app.
  • In CH Play, use the search bar and type “TeraBox” to find the app.
  • When the search results appear, click the Install button to download the TeraBox app to your Android phone.

How to download TeraBox on PC

Here’s how to download TeraBox on PC:

  • To download TeraBox for PC, you need to access the official TeraBox website at:
  • On the website, find and click on the Download section, then select “TeraBox for PC”.
  • After selecting, click the Free Download button to download the TeraBox app to your computer.

These instructions will help you easily download and install TeraBox on different platforms, ensuring you can use this cloud storage app conveniently.

How to quickly and easily register for TeraBox for free

To register for TeraBox for free, you can easily follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the TeraBox app and click Quick installation.

Step 2: Click Create an account to start the registration process.

Step 3: Choose to register by phone number or email and fill in the necessary information.


Above is a guide on how to download TeraBox for iOS, Android, and PC that FPT Shop has recommended. TeraBox is an ideal solution for storing and managing your data. Hopefully, you will take advantage of the utilities that this app provides. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment so we can help and answer your questions.

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