Keep your search history private with this quick method to delete it on Zalo

If you frequently search for contacts in the Zalo search bar but are afraid of being discovered by others, then follow these steps to clear your search history on Zalo. Let's find out how to do it right away!


Similar to other social networking sites, Zalo also supports users to delete search history on the app in a very simple way that anyone can do. Let’s follow along!

How to delete search history on Zalo

Step 1: Access the Zalo app > Tap on the search bar at the top > Tap on Edit search history at the bottom of the screen.

How to delete search history on Zalo 1

Step 2: At this time, your search list will be displayed here, you just need to press the X button next to the contact name you want to delete.

How to delete search history on Zalo 2

In addition, to prevent Zalo from saving the contacts you have searched for, just turn off Save searched contacts and Save searched keywords.

How to delete search history on Zalo 3

Above is how to delete search history on Zalo that anyone can do. In addition, the FPT Shop news page also has many useful tricks and tips on Zalo that you should not miss.

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