Guide: Inserting Emojis on an iPhone

From their humble beginnings being used in iPhone messaging apps, emojis have become a popular way to express emotions with fun and colorful pictures instead of words.


On the device, users have the ability to add emoticons to conversations on various messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or Zalo. This article will provide two methods for enabling these icons.

1. Enable the icon keyboard

Step 1: Go to “Settings” —> “General Settings”

Icon keyboard settings

Step 2: Select “Keyboard” —> “Keyboard”

Icon keyboard settings

Step 3: Select “Add new keyboard” —> “Icon”

Icon keyboard settings

Step 4: Click on the sphere icon in the lower left corner to display the keyboard icon

Icon keyboard settings

2. Quickly type emojis with keyboard shortcuts

This method allows for fast typing by using shortcuts, similar to typing icons on Yahoo Messenger or the “:v” and “:3” icons on Facebook.

Step 1: Follow the same steps as above, “Settings” —> “General Settings” —> “Keyboard”

Step 2: Select “Text Replacement” —> “+”

Emoji settings

Step 3: Enter a shortcut as the key and choose an image to replace it, then click “Save” in the upper right corner to finish.

For example, if you want to enter “=))” to display a smiley face, enter “=))” as the shortcut and choose a smiley face emoticon as the phrase. You can replace it with any other icon you prefer.

Emoji settings