Most accurate and reliable time and lunar calendar for 15/11/2023, find auspicious and inauspicious days

To get the most accurate and reliable information about the auspicious and inauspicious timings on November 15, 2023, consult the most trusted source. Check the lunar calendar for guidance on what activities to pursue and avoid on this day.


Check lunar calendar on 15/11/2023 – Check auspicious and inauspicious times on 15/11/2023

Wednesday, November 15, 2023, is the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month, which means it is the day of Đinh Sửu, in the month of Quý Hợi, the year of Quý Mão, during the period of Lập Đông. It is Bảo Nhật (Đại Cát) – Yin Fire gives birth to Yin Earth, a very auspicious day (Đại Cát), the combination of heavenly and earthly energies, people easily come together, work encounters few obstacles.

The conflicting zodiac signs of the day include Tân Mùi and Kỷ Mùi, so be cautious when carrying out major tasks.

Departing to the South, you will encounter the deity Hỷ, bringing you lots of luck and joy. Departing to the East, you will meet the deity Tài, receiving wealth and prosperity. Limit traveling to the West.


Check auspicious and inauspicious times on 15/11/2023

Auspicious Hours

– 03h-05h (Dragon hour): Mountain treasury. Good time for marriage.

– 05h-07h (Cat hour): Golden Road. Everything goes smoothly.

– 09h-11h (Snake hour): Jade Road. Good for all tasks, especially paperwork, letters, studying, and writing. Avoid tasks related to mud or kitchen.

– 15h-17h (Monkey hour): Four fates. Good for all tasks.

– 19h-21h (Dog hour): Blue dragon. Great for everything, and it is the most favorable hour among the auspicious hours.

– 21h-23h (Pig hour): Bright Road. Beneficial time for meeting important people and advancing in career.

Inauspicious Hours

– 23h-01h (Rat hour): Dark Formation. Unfavorable time for legal disputes.

– 01h-03h (Buffalo hour): Chu Formation. Unfavorable time for arguments or legal disputes.

– 07h-09h (Tiger hour): White Tiger. Unfavorable time for all tasks.

– 11h-13h (Dragon hour): Heavenly labor. Inauspicious time for all tasks.

– 13h-15h (Snake hour): Primeval. Unfavorable time for legal disputes and communication.

– 17h-19h (Rooster hour): Elusive Formation. Extremely unfavorable time for moving, building houses, or holding funerals.

Auspicious Departure Hours

23h-01h and 11h-13h, Tuyệt Lộ hour, unfavorable for traveling or seeking fortune, may encounter accidents and misfortune.

01h-03h and 13h-15h, Đại An hour, all tasks go smoothly, home is peaceful, safe travels, and fortune-seeking in the southwest direction.

03h-05h and 15h-17h, Tốc Hỷ hour, good news is coming, meeting important people brings luck. Seeking fortune in the south direction.

05h-07h and 17h-19h, Lưu Niên hour, seeking fortune is unclear, difficult to achieve success, people travelling may not receive news. Be cautious with speech to avoid arguments. Tasks take longer but are certain.

07h-09h and 19h-21h, Xích Khẩu hour, prone to arguments and conflicts. Postpone travel. Avoid meetings, official tasks, and debates during this time. If necessary, be polite and refrain from arguments or fights.

09h-11h and 21h-23h, Tiểu Các hour, very auspicious time, journey brings luck. Family members are healthy, good news for women, travellers are returning home, profitable business. Everything is harmonious.

Information provided for reference and contemplation purposes.

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