Phone volume button not just for adjusting loud and soft: Long-time phone users often don’t know it all

The volume button doesn't just adjust the sound, it is designed with many other functions, let's explore them!


Benefits of the volume control button on a phone

Helps silence incoming calls

Many times, when we are in a quiet meeting or classroom, the phone suddenly rings and the loud sound startles everyone, making them look at you with annoyed eyes. In this awkward situation, you can quickly silence the phone by pressing the volume down button. The phone’s ringer will stop but the call will not be interrupted. After that, you can choose whether to answer the call or not depending on the specific situation.

You can also press the volume down button when the alarm clock or notification sounds. After pressing this button, the ringtones will stop and not disturb your activities.

Used to turn off the flashlight when turning it on

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One of the functions of the volume button that few people know about is the flashlight function on the phone, which is very convenient and widely used, especially when going out at night or in low-light environments, without street lights… After using the flashlight, you will have to unlock the screen, swipe the control bar to turn off the light.

There is a small tip that helps you turn off the flashlight on the phone faster without unlocking the screen. By pressing the volume down button twice, you can turn off the flashlight. Note that not all phones have this feature.


Take screenshots or take “selfie” photos

Few people know that the volume button on the phone also has a commonly used feature… taking excellent photos. When using the camera or video recording feature on the phone, if you want to start recording, you can use the volume up and down buttons to take photos instead of pressing the onscreen photo capture button, which is very easy.

When using the phone, if you want to capture the screen immediately, just press and hold the power button and the volume down button. At the same time, the screen will quickly be captured without going to the control center.

Flip to the next page when reading books online

When reading eBooks on the phone, the volume button can also help you automatically flip the page. You don’t need to tap the screen to open a new page. Note that the page flipping feature with the volume up and down buttons may vary depending on the eBook app and the phone. So if you’re reading news or stories, just use this button to navigate!

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