6 Powerful Functions of the Volume Button on Your Phone – Many People Still Don’t Know

In fact, the volume button on your phone has more functions than you might think.


We have the ability to change the volume level of the device by using the volume button, simply adjust up or down depending on the desired sound.

Although many people only know about the basic function of the volume button – adjusting the sound, in fact, the volume button has 6 other functions, bringing usefulness in everyday life. If you have not been informed about these possibilities, that is a regrettable oversight. Below, we will explore the hidden features behind this volume button!



In the busy life context, an unexpected call can interrupt work. Press the volume down button once to immediately mute all sounds, from alarms to calls and other notifications. This helps maintain focus in business without being interrupted.


Turn off flashlight

Similar to using a mobile phone, you can turn off the flashlight by pressing the volume down button twice. This saves time and allows you to easily turn off the flashlight without needing to unlock the phone.

Adjust volume

Quickly adjust the volume by pressing the volume button and conveniently adjusting the settings. This eliminates the complexity of going into the mobile phone settings to adjust the volume.

Take a screenshot

Hold any volume button on the phone to take a screenshot quickly without having to open the camera app. This feature works even when the phone is in lock screen mode, helping you capture important moments easily and quickly.

Used for screenshot function

When you want to save information from the mobile phone screen, such as a beautiful photo or important information, the screenshot function is often used. However, after taking the screenshot, a notification usually appears and you need to open the image in the gallery to view or share it with others.


To solve this, the quick screenshot feature allows you to press and hold the power button and the volume down button to take an immediate screenshot, eliminating the notification step and making the process simple and fast.

Easy screen flipping

For those who regularly read books or novels on their mobile phones, flipping the screen to read further can be a challenge. Instead of tapping on the screen, you can use the screen flipping feature by using the volume button. This simply involves pressing the volume up or down button on the phone to automatically flip the screen, bringing convenience and time-saving to the reading process.

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