Smart People Will Never Buy These 3 Types of Plants When Going to Tet Market: Especially Type 1

When shopping for Tet plants, there are three types you should avoid buying, no matter how much you like them.


Don’t buy grafted plants for miniature gardens

There are many beautiful miniature gardens created by grafting different plants and flowers together. They are creatively combined to attract many people. Inexperienced individuals may mistakenly believe that the plants are adorned with abundant flowers and fruits, and even have “beautiful and unique” colors.

In reality, most of these “rare” plants are actually grafted using adhesive plastic, and the colorful flowers are the result of injected coloring agents and dyes…

For those “beautiful and unique” miniature gardens, sellers often raise the prices very high, but you should not buy them as they are likely to be fake. Moreover, it can be difficult to care for and maintain these plants once you bring them home.

Plants that are sprayed with growth stimulants

Currently, there are many species of pink or white cacti on the market, with gray or green color at the bottom, which is the natural color of the plant. Do not buy these types of plants as they are often sprayed with growth stimulants before being brought to the flower market, usually about 2 days before. The plants will develop this way after being recently sprayed.

The entire grafted plant does not have its own growth characteristics. If you bring it home and plant it in a place that lacks light, it may last for one or two months. If you expose it directly to sunlight, the leaves will wither and the plant will die.

“Rare and unique” plants

The Tet flower market often dazzles us with countless vibrant flowers. Many flower vendors import various rare and unique plants from different regions, even from other countries, to sell. Naturally, the prices of these plants are not cheap.

However, these plants can only survive for a short period of time and may not adapt well to the environment in your home. Many people buy these rare and unique plants, but they wither and do not bloom after a few days. It would be unfortunate to have withered plants during Tet.

For any plants or flowers that you like but are unfamiliar with, you should ask the seller about the type of plant, where it was imported from. Of course, if you ask the plant seller about how easy it is to care for and nurture the plant, they will naturally say it’s easy. Don’t be too quick to believe them.

After knowing the name, you should research and gather information about the plant, whether it has been successfully grown in Vietnam, and how to care for it. Then you can decide whether or not you can plant that type of plant.