The Effects of Colors on the Mood of Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Babies

Each color has specific effects on the human brain. Let's explore the connection between colors and the development of a fetus's mood with us.


During pregnancy, changes in mood also have a significant impact on the baby in the womb. In addition, colors have meanings and stimulate the brain in different ways. Let’s find out more about the effects of mood and colors on the baby’s development through the following article!

1The mother’s mood and the baby’s development

During pregnancy, not only physical impacts but also changes related to emotions and mood of the expectant mother can have a certain influence on the unborn baby. When the mother’s mood changes in a negative direction such as anger, fear, they will release substances into the blood.

Meanwhile, the fetus is nourished by the mother’s blood through the placenta, so it will also be affected by these substances. Maintaining emotions for a long time also affects the future personality development of the child.

The mother’s mood and the baby’s development

2The impact of colors on pregnant women and the fetus

According to Dr. Alexander Schauss, director of the Institute for BioSocial Research and Health in Washington, USA, “It is very difficult for a person to remain angry in a pink space.” Accordingly, a person who is in a tense and anxious mood will feel calmer when in a pink space.

On the other hand, blue color has the ability to stimulate the brain to produce relaxation, making pregnant women feel more relaxed and sleep better. Sky blue and yellow can enhance concentration, alertness, and effective work.

The impact of colors on pregnant women and the fetus

For green, which is the color of life, nature is very beneficial for pregnant women who feel tired. Just taking a walk in the park, looking at trees, flowers, and breathing fresh air can give you more vitality.

Therefore, to take advantage of the positive effects of colors on the development of the fetus, from the 7th month of pregnancy, pregnant women can view paintings, photo books, or attend visits to art exhibitions, historical artifacts.

Above is some information about the effects of colors and mood on pregnant women and the fetus. Hope that the above information will be useful to you!