The secret to achieving a flawless complexion like Bae Suzy for Lunar New Year

Having a flawless complexion is something many women dream of. However, makeup mistakes can often ruin the desired effect. So, we've got you covered with some tips and tricks to achieve a beautiful complexion just like Bae Suzy in time for the Lunar New Year.


You want to have a perfect foundation to welcome Tet but don’t know how to do your makeup correctly. Let’s learn from Bae Suzy to have smooth, fresh skin!

1Prep your skin before applying makeup

Suzy believes that beautiful and healthy skin is the foundation for long-lasting, natural-looking, and long-wearing makeup. Therefore, the actress always pays attention to using appropriate skincare products.

Suzy cleanses her face twice a day to remove dirt, oil, and remaining makeup. She uses to deeply cleanse her skin, then rinses her face with to create lather.

After cleansing her face, Suzy uses to balance the pH of her skin, then applies essence and serum to deeply moisturize her skin. She also uses to lock in moisture and protect her skin from environmental damage.

Prep your skin before applying makeup

2Use a lightweight foundation

To keep the skin breathable and natural, Suzy often uses a lightweight foundation. She doesn’t like thick, heavy foundation that can clog the pores and cause breakouts. Instead, Suzy prefers choosing a foundation with a shade close to her skin tone, helping to naturally cover imperfections.

When applying foundation, Suzy blends it with a brush or sponge from the inside out, from bottom to top. This blending technique helps create a thin, even, and well-covered foundation. In addition to foundation, Suzy also uses a primer, concealer, and setting powder to complete her makeup look. The products she chooses have a lightweight and natural texture, preserving the inherent beauty of her skin.

Use a lightweight foundation

3Create subtle contouring

Contouring the face is an important step to enhance the elegant and charming facial features. Bae Suzy often uses a stick blush to contour her face, applying it to areas like the cheekbones, nose, and chin to make her face appear slimmer. She also uses bronzer to contour the T-zone and cheekbones.

Create subtle contouring

4Natural eye makeup, light eyeliner

Suzy’s big, round, sparkling eyes are one of the highlights on her face. To enhance the natural beauty of her eyes, Suzy often does a light, natural-looking eye makeup using neutral tones.

Suzy’s eyeliner is always thin and natural, drawn close to the lash line with gel or liquid eyeliner. She avoids drawing too thick or heavy eyeliner, as it can weigh down the eyes.

For eyeshadow, Suzy prefers gentle, natural shades like baby pink, earthy pink, and light brown. She often applies eyeshadow in a gradient style, creating deep and captivating eyes.

Natural eye makeup, light eyeliner

5Natural lip color

Suzy often prefers natural, subtle, neutral lip colors like coral pink, nude,… These shades help enhance the natural beauty of her lips and give Suzy a youthful, lovely look.

Usually, Suzy applies lipstick to the center of her lips for a plump, alluring effect. In addition, she occasionally uses bright red or orange-red lipstick to achieve a more elegant, seductive look.

To achieve a perfect lip color, Suzy often uses a lip brush to evenly blend the lipstick. She also moisturizes her lips before applying makeup to ensure accurate and long-lasting color.

Natural lip color

Above are the tips for a perfect foundation and natural makeup style from Bae Suzy that we have compiled. Try them now to have the desired foundation for this Tet holiday!