This drink helps eliminate bad breath after eating onions and garlic, many people don’t know

After consuming garlic, you can apply the following methods to eliminate the unpleasant smell in your mouth.


Onions and garlic are familiar spices that often appear in daily dishes. They enhance the flavor of the food and bring many health benefits. However, onions and garlic are spices that can cause bad breath, especially when eaten raw. To get rid of the bad breath after eating onions and garlic, you can apply some of the following tips.

Drink water

After eating onions and garlic, you can drink water to remove food residues on the tongue and between the teeth. Additionally, this also stimulates the mouth to produce saliva, which helps eliminate some bacteria that cause bad breath.

Brush your teeth

The bacteria that cause bad breath are often found in dental plaque and under the gums. You should develop a habit of brushing your teeth and using dental floss to remove food particles after eating to protect oral health, prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth, and eliminate bad breath.

After eating onions and garlic, maintaining oral hygiene will quickly eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwashes that contain peppermint can easily eliminate bad breath. You can carry a small bottle of mouthwash to use after meals, helping to get rid of bad breath.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

During and after meals, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables to limit the odor of onions and garlic. Studies have shown that apples and parsley are foods that effectively reduce the odor of onions and garlic.

Chew gum

One of the commonly used methods to eliminate bad breath in urgent cases is chewing gum. You can choose gum with a mint flavor to remove bad breath. Additionally, chewing gum also stimulates the mouth to produce saliva, helping to remove food particles and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Green tea

Green tea can effectively eliminate bad breath more than chewing gum or mint candies.


Drinking a glass of milk during or after a meal with onions and garlic will help reduce the concentration of sulfur compounds in the mouth of the eater. Therefore, it can reduce bad breath.