Tips for using colors to ward off bad luck at work, bad luck flies away in a note of music

Career is paramount to everyone, and we all hope for a smooth and fortunate job. Let's explore the tips on using colors to dispel bad luck at the workplace.


1. Computer placement can be solved by red color

According to feng shui experts, if you want to develop your abilities, you should place the computer diagonally towards the East. If you want to generate wealth, you should place the desk in the Wealth position (diagonally from the main door), and if you want to develop your career, you should place it in the Career position (to the North).

However, due to limited office space, it may not be possible to move the computer to the desired position. If you place your personal computer in the wrong feng shui position, you can use a red mouse pad to counteract the bad luck.

2. Yellow light can enhance work efficiency

According to color tips for overcoming bad luck in the workplace, the lighting at your workstation is very important. A workspace that lacks lighting can affect your career luck. It is best to choose a workstation close to a window and pay attention to the color of the lighting.

It is advisable to have a small desk lamp on your desk. It will create a yellow light that helps you complete your work tasks quickly and increases productivity.

3. Carry lucky-colored items

It is best to carry gold or yellow items when attending meetings, such as a yellow wallet, a mobile phone with a yellow case, and gold jewelry. It can help improve your luck. Many people who constantly face bad luck in their careers can apply this method.

4. Desktop computer can be decorated with lucky colors

Use yellow or red to decorate your desktop computer or workstation. It can turn the situation around in one careless mistake and enhance your wealth and luck in your career.

You can also consider matching the colors to balance the space. In addition, make sure your workspace is always tidy, as a cluttered workspace can easily disrupt your work.

5. Place a red seal in the auspicious direction

Similar to feng shui for a house, it is also important to place a seal in an auspicious direction. It helps create good auspicious energy, brings luck, and ensures easy success and prosperity for the owner of the seal.

To enhance the power of the auspicious direction, you just need to place a red seal and some lucky money in the direction that corresponds to your zodiac sign for the year. Your career luck and salary will significantly increase.

6. Choose a red office chair

Choosing a red cushion for your office chair can enhance your luck. Also, remember to choose a chair with a backrest and armrests on both sides, as it will support and protect you like a guardian.

In addition, you should lean against the wall behind your seat. The wall acts as a mountain and gives you a sense of stability, supporting your career.

7. Wear jewelry with crystals and yellow gemstones

To have good luck in your career and achieve the best business results, pay attention to choosing feng shui jewelry. When wearing crystal and gemstone jewelry, you need to be mindful of how to wear them and not wear them casually. Crystals for seeking luck should be worn on the left hand, while crystals for warding off negative energy should be worn on the right hand.

Crystals bring harmonious and gentle energy to any workspace. In addition, placing a crystal ball in a business office will help the business thrive and attract abundant wealth.

8. Place red and yellow flowers to enhance reputation

Placing a pot of red and yellow flowers will make you more well-known. If you like to display plants in your workspace, it is best to choose a woody plant. Avoid growing climbing plants, as they may attract negative energy and tarnish your reputation.

Also, keep in mind to choose floral patterns in red or yellow for flower vases. They can reduce conflicts with colleagues and improve your image in the eyes of others.