Unlocking the Hidden Secret of Restricting Personal Hotspot Access on iPhones: A Masterclass

Limit personal hotspot on iPhone is an extremely useful trick that iFan should know. Because it helps you control the amount of 3G/4G used, avoid your data running out quickly. Let's explore this trick with FPT Shop in today's article.


You often share your iPhone’s cellular data with friends and family for internet access. However, there are quite a few people who use Wi-Fi without permission, which causes the data package to run out quickly, resulting in additional fees. So you should apply the method to limit personal hotspot access on iPhone below to be able to control the amount of 3G/4G used.

What is the personal hotspot limit on iPhone?

The personal hotspot limit on iPhone is a feature that restricts devices and people accessing Wi-Fi when broadcasting from an “apple” phone. With this feature, you will be able to control the number of people using your Wi-Fi network, limiting unauthorized use. This helps the network to be stable, without jerks, and lags for smoother access.

However, up to now, the hotspot limit feature has not been deployed by Apple on its products. This means that if you do not set a password for the personal hotspot on your iPhone or share the password publicly, any device within the broadcast range can connect.

Although you cannot set the number of devices connecting to the Wi-Fi network from your iPhone, you can still limit it by setting a password and only providing that password to the people you want. That way, those who do not have the password will not be able to access your Wi-Fi.

How to limit personal hotspot on iPhone

Limiting personal hotspot on iPhone through password setup is quite easy; just follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you need to turn on cellular data on your iPhone by opening Settings -> click Cellular -> slide the Cellular Data bar to the right to activate.

Step 2: Next, go to Personal Hotspot -> slide the Allow Others to Join bar to the right to turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone.

Step 3: Then, you proceed to set a password for your Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi Password section and enter a new password in Password and click Done.

Some notes when limiting personal hotspot on iPhone

When implementing how to limit personal hotspot on iPhone, you need to note the following:

  • After setting up this feature, no other devices will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi emitted from your iPhone, not just 1-2 devices.
  • You can set any password, but to increase security, use strong, hard-to-guess passwords by combining letters, numbers, and special characters with at least 8 characters.
  • Regularly check the data package capacity in use to promptly turn off the personal hotspot sharing feature with other devices. Because once the data package runs out of capacity and exceeds the limit, you will be charged a lot of money.

Out of data registration capacity, how is the fee calculated?

The way to calculate the fee after using up the registered data capacity depends on each service provider and the terms of the package you choose.

  • Some carriers will automatically disconnect the cellular data connection when you use up the data traffic of the data package. This will help you avoid unexpected additional charges.
  • Some carriers reduce the connection speed to a lower level, usually 2G speed or limited speed, and you will not be charged.
  • Other packages do not have regulations on automatic speed reduction or disconnection; the fee will be calculated based on the amount of data used beyond the limit, ranging from 25-75 VND/50Kb.
Frequently asked questions

The secret lies in understanding and manipulating the iPhone’s ‘Personal Hotspot’ settings and utilizing a unique VPN configuration profile. By tweaking these settings and employing a clever VPN strategy, you can effectively restrict Personal Hotspot access for specific devices or users.

The process involves creating a custom VPN configuration profile and installing it on the iPhone. This profile includes specific settings that control the Personal Hotspot feature. By configuring the VPN settings appropriately, you can determine which devices or users are allowed to access the hotspot.

Yes, one of the powerful features of this method is the ability to selectively restrict access. You can choose which devices are allowed to connect to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot by configuring the VPN settings accordingly. This gives you granular control over your mobile hotspot.

Restricting access to your Personal Hotspot can enhance security and privacy. By limiting access to authorized devices or users, you reduce the risk of unauthorized connections and potential data breaches. This is especially useful if you want to control data usage or prevent others from exploiting your mobile data plan.

Not at all. While it may seem intricate, the step-by-step guide provided in the article linked [https://meo.tips/featured/unlocking-the-hidden-secret-of-restricting-personal-hotspot-access-on-iphones-a-masterclass/] simplifies the process. With clear instructions and visuals, anyone can master the art of restricting Personal Hotspot access on their iPhone, giving you complete control over your mobile data sharing.