Unlocking the Secret to Using Standby Mode on iPhone at Night

The new and versatile Standby feature on the iPhone, first introduced with iOS 17, presents users with a multitude of functions, such as a desk clock and various widgets. When activated, Night Mode turns Standby into a convenient bedside night light.


Standby mode on iPhone running iOS 17 comes with a clock icon, as well as various widgets and displays for both application and system notifications. Additionally, enabling night mode for Standby enhances visibility in low-light environments and helps keep the device cool while charging.

It’s important to note that Standby is only available on iPhones running iOS 17. Users can update to the iOS 17 Beta version to access this feature, with the official release scheduled for September.

How to Enable Night Mode on Standby

Step 1: To enable night mode on Standby, go to the Settings on your iPhone and select the Standby section.

How to enable night mode on Standby 1

Step 2: Within the Standby interface, you will find the Night mode option in the Screen section. Slide it to On to activate.

How to enable night mode on Standby 2

Once successfully enabled, Standby will change the color tone to red when the phone is plugged in and lying horizontally in a low-light environment, such as at night. This makes it easier to see and provides effective eye protection.

How to enable night mode on Standby 3

By following these two simple steps, you can successfully enable night mode for Standby on your iPhone. We hope you have an interesting and safe experience with this feature.

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