30+ Adorable and Cute Zodiac-Inspired Birthday Cake Designs

Is your child's birthday just around the corner? Worry not! We have just the perfect cake for you with our range of more than 30 adorable birthday cake designs for the 12 zodiac signs. Whether it be cartoon characters or delightful designs, you'll be able to select the perfect cake for your kid to make their day extraordinary!


Delight your child on their special day with a birthday cake that reflects their zodiac sign. We have handpicked a collection of over 30 adorable and charming zodiac birthday cakes for you to explore.

1Mouse Birthday Cake

People born in the Year of the Rat are known for their cuteness, humility, innovativeness, and abundant energy. Our mouse birthday cakes not only serve as a gift but also carries symbolic value, wishing the recipient a lifetime of good luck and fortune.

3D mouse birthday cake3D mouse birthday cake

Funny mouse birthday cakeFunny mouse birthday cake

Golden mouse birthday cakeGolden mouse birthday cake

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2Ox Birthday Cake

The Ox symbolizes physical and mental strength. Individuals born in the Year of the Ox are known for their independence, early maturity, and strong determination. They possess numerous dreams and ambitions and fearlessly face challenges and adversities. Here are a few cake suggestions for those born in the Year of the Ox.

3D ox birthday cake3D ox birthday cake

Golden ox birthday cakeGolden ox birthday cake

Beautiful ox birthday cakeBeautiful ox birthday cake

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3Tiger Birthday Cake

The Tiger symbolizes strength, power, and energy in life. Individuals born in the Year of the Tiger possess leadership qualities and have a desire to help and protect others. They enjoy taking on challenging tasks that bring glory and great success. Discover a few cake options inspired by the majestic Tiger.

Tiger birthday cakeTiger birthday cake

Cute tiger birthday cakeCute tiger birthday cake

2 tiers tiger birthday cake2 tiers tiger birthday cake

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4Cat Birthday Cake

The Cat represents wisdom, cleverness, agility, and sharpness. They are known for their kind-heartedness, enthusiasm, and willingness to lend a hand to those in need. Cats are adaptable and capable of handling pressure in both work and life. Explore these beautiful cake designs that make the perfect gift for those born in the Year of the Cat.

Female cat birthday cakeFemale cat birthday cake

Cat birthday cakeCat birthday cake

Cute cat birthday cakeCute cat birthday cake

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5Dragon Birthday Cake

The Dragon is a mystical creature that represents power and authority. Its image has been intricately portrayed on each birthday cake, resulting in a diverse array of eye-catching designs. Take a look at these captivating dragon-themed cake options.

Dragon birthday cakeDragon birthday cake

Funny dragon birthday cakeFunny dragon birthday cake

3D dragon birthday cake3D dragon birthday cake

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6Snake Birthday Cake

The Snake is an intelligent and adventurous creature. They possess a rich emotional world and captivate others with their beauty and flexibility. Individuals born in the Year of the Snake are known for their intelligence, cleverness, and willingness to help others. Explore these remarkable snake-themed cake designs.

Snake birthday cakeSnake birthday cake

3D snake birthday cake3D snake birthday cake

Beautiful snake birthday cakeBeautiful snake birthday cake

7Horse Birthday Cake

Horses are creatures that embody freedom, wildness, and a deep connection with nature. Individuals born in the Year of the Horse are highly active, enthusiastic, and treasure adventure and exploration. Indulge in these remarkable horse-inspired birthday cakes.

Horse birthday cakeHorse birthday cake

Golden horse birthday cakeGolden horse birthday cake

Pony horse birthday cakePony horse birthday cake

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8Goat Birthday Cake

The Goat symbolizes kindness, cuteness, and a touch of shyness. Individuals born in the Year of the Goat possess emotional depth, exhibit kindness towards others, and are always ready to lend a helping hand. Feast your eyes on these delightful Goat-themed cake designs.

Funny goat birthday cakeFunny goat birthday cake

Goat birthday cakeGoat birthday cake

Cute 2-tier goat birthday cakeCute 2-tier goat birthday cake

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9Monkey Birthday Cake

The Monkey is known for its agility and mischievous nature. Individuals born in the Year of the Monkey possess cleverness, intelligence, and a willingness to assist others. A cute and adorable monkey-shaped birthday cake not only holds symbolic meaning but also brings joy and love to the recipient.

Monkey birthday cakeMonkey birthday cake

Blue 3D monkey birthday cakeBlue 3D monkey birthday cake

2D cartoon monkey birthday cake2D cartoon monkey birthday cake

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10Rooster Birthday Cake

The Rooster is a well-known animal and has a peculiar bond with humans since ancient times. Roosters are cherished for their loyalty, care, and companionship. In East Asian culture, the Rooster represents luck and happiness and is placed twelfth in the zodiac signs. Indulge in these cute and adorable rooster-themed birthday cakes.

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11Dog Birthday Cake

Dogs have been beloved companions of humans since ancient times. Known for their loyalty, care, and deep connections with their owners, Dogs hold a special place in our hearts. In East Asian culture, the Dog ranks eleventh in the zodiac signs and represents luck and happiness. Take a look at these beautiful dog-themed birthday cakes.

Beautiful dog birthday cakeBeautiful dog birthday cake

Cute 2-tier dog birthday cakeCute 2-tier dog birthday cake

Dog birthday cakeDog birthday cake

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12Pig Birthday Cake

The Pig is a symbol of peace and joy. Many parents choose to celebrate the birth of their child in the Year of the Pig, wishing them a life full of tranquility and happiness. Individuals born in the Year of the Pig are known for their patience, shyness, cheerfulness, and loveliness. Discover these charming pig-themed cake designs.

Cute pig birthday cake for boysCute pig birthday cake for boys

Cute pig birthday cakeCute pig birthday cake

Pig birthday cake with fresh flowers for girlsPig birthday cake with fresh flowers for girls

Above are over 30+ cute and lovely zodiac birthday cake designs to choose from. We hope you find the perfect cake design that you adore!