4 Types of Wild Ocean Fish: Tender, Delicious, Nutritious, and Sought-After

While many people enjoy eating fish, not all fish are naturally caught and not farmed, making them both delicious and nutritious.


Although many people often buy or eat fish dishes, not everyone knows that sea fish (saltwater fish) have high nutritional value, firm and delicious meat, no less than freshwater fish.

In addition, the nutritional content of sea fish is also very high, they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3, DHA… as well as other minerals. If consumed regularly, they can help enhance memory, brain function, and anti-aging… However, nowadays there are many types of artificially farmed sea fish, but their nutritional value and taste cannot compare to naturally caught fish. Here are 4 types of natural sea fish that cannot be farmed, if you encounter them in the market, you can rest assured to buy and cook them.

Spanish Mackerel

Few people know that Spanish Mackerel are some of the species that have quite harsh growth conditions, which results in high farming costs and low survival rates if artificially farmed. Therefore, most products made from Spanish Mackerel are naturally caught fish. Besides, the exploitation volume of this type of fish is relatively large, so they don’t require breeding.

If you have ever eaten Spanish Mackerel, you will find that their meat is often thick, tender, and boneless, suitable for all ages. Moreover, thanks to being naturally caught, you can cook them without any worries.

Silver Arowana

Silver Arowana has a flat body, forked tail, and continuous dorsal fin along the pectoral fin. They are often found in coastal areas of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and East Asia.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Silver Arowana is one of the “luxury and delicious” foods. It has tender, fragrant, non-fishy meat, and is very nutritious. The price of Silver Arowana is quite high because it is almost impossible to farm them like other types of Arowana fish. Usually, people often use Silver Arowana to make steamed, soup, or grilled dishes.


Swordfish live mainly in temperate or near-tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps because of their slender and sword-like shape, they are named Swordfish. They are migratory fish, so they are difficult to farm.

This type of fish has a high yield, easy to catch, and cheap in cost, while the cost of hybridizing them is quite expensive, so people often catch them naturally instead of farming. Thanks to that, you can confidently buy Swordfish for cooking without worrying about them being fed with unhealthy substances. Swordfish meat is tender and fragrant, suitable for frying, grilling, or frying.


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