5 Habits of Parents That Hinder Children’s Intelligence, Many People Are Unaware, Particularly the Urgent Need to Fix Habit Number 2

The intelligence of children greatly influences their future, so parents should take note and make sure they are not making this mistake. Check now to see if you are guilty of it.


The early years of a child’s life are the foundation for future development. A child’s intelligence is influenced by nutrition, parenting style, and family psychology… So if parents have these habits, they should fix them right away:

Not emphasizing their child’s breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But often, due to rushing to work or school in the morning, we tend to neglect making a proper breakfast or give the child ready-made meals for convenience. Many families focus more on their child’s dinner. However, breakfast is truly the most important, as children need the energy in the morning to replenish their energy and be active throughout the day. Therefore, parents should rearrange their schedules to focus more on their child’s breakfast and avoid letting them eat on their own, or eat snacks outside the school gate. With enough energy, the child will participate in learning activities, enjoy school and absorb knowledge better.

Parents criticizing, belittling, and comparing their child

Young children, like us, like to be acknowledged and even more so than adults. When a child doesn’t achieve the desired results, when they haven’t done well, or when the child is not as good as their peers, if parents use words of blame, criticism, comparison, and belittlement, the child will have a harder time making progress. Many parents push their child into competitions, hoping that criticizing will make them progress more, but in reality, it is a form of harm to the child. You shouldn’t overlook their mistakes, but instead acknowledge what the child has done and encourage them to try harder. Help the child find better solutions to deal with the situations.

The criticism will deeply imbed in the child’s mind, making them believe that they are not smart or outstanding, that they are inferior. Their intelligence will decrease, and their spirit will worsen, becoming less cheerful.

Allowing their child to stay up late

Parents may stay up late because of work, but you should instill in the child the habit of going to bed before 10 p.m., and make this habit a conditioned reflex and a compulsory living condition in the family. The child’s brain develops rapidly during the early years, so staying up late will affect their intelligence and height. If a child lacks sleep, their memory will be poor and their brain will deteriorate quickly, causing forgetfulness and difficulty in learning and remembering.

Failing to create a learning atmosphere

Parents who know how to create a learning atmosphere for their child, even study with them, and don’t just casually answer the child’s questions, tend to encourage better development. Therefore, don’t be indifferent to studying with your child. As we have children, our job is not only to provide them with meals, but also to participate in their learning process. Intelligent children, with high IQ, partially inherit these traits from their parents, and their intelligence is greatly influenced by the family’s educational environment. Parents should create a learning atmosphere by regularly taking their child to bookstores, reading and exploring various topics with them, and discussing their child’s lessons…

Forcing their child to suppress their emotions

Each child has their own unique development. Sometimes, children are active, curious, mischievous… Good parents should understand the real reasons and issues of their child, rather than using the power of adults to force the child to suppress their emotions. Sometimes, we use threats such as “If you don’t stop crying, I will leave you outside” or “The child is afraid, so they suppress their emotions, but they can’t relieve the source of their stress.

Young children can also experience stress due to their development and issues at their age. Therefore, parents shouldn’t neglect the child’s anger and assume that they are misbehaving. Understand your child to find the best approach to help them.

If you as a parent don’t fall into these habits, then congratulations, you are a good parent, and your children are fortunate to grow up in a happy family with a strong educational foundation.

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