7 Strategies to Optimize Spending During Tet Nhâm Dần

If you're looking to make the most of your money for Lunar New Year, there are some key considerations to bear in mind. In this article, we'll discuss 7 key tips for frugal spending during the Year of the Pig.


For a comprehensive guide on how to spend Tet day in a cost-effective and efficient manner, ensuring financial stability post-Tet, please refer to the following article.

Creating a Budget for the Tet Holiday

Make a plan for Tet spendingMake a plan for Tet spending

When Tet comes around, the demand in our homes tends to increase significantly, resulting in various financial obligations. In order to navigate this situation, many individuals, particularly housewives, find it imperative to establish a thoughtful spending plan. While the budget available may be limited, the necessity to shop and spend remains boundless. It is therefore crucial to carefully calculate and balance our finances in order to make sensible and necessary purchases, while also avoiding any potential deficits in our accounts.

Create Your Own Dishes for the Lunar New Year Celebration

Make your own food for Tet
Make your own food for Tet

Here is a great way to save money during Tet, while also prioritizing your family’s health. Compile a list of homemade food options, such as: [provide a list of specific dishes here]. This not only allows you to save money but also ensures the well-being of your loved ones.

By choosing these items, you can save more than 50% of the cost and create a cozy atmosphere in your family kitchen.

Search for Merchandise through Discount Programs

Search for goods through promotional programs Look for goods through promotional programs

At the end of the year, supermarkets frequently offer special discounts on selected items. Instead of shopping on regular days, it is recommended to seize the opportunity and take advantage of these discounted supermarket days to purchase high-quality products at favorable prices.

Tips for Elevating Home Dining and Reducing Restaurant Visits

Enhance home dining, avoid going out to restaurants
Enhance home dining, avoid going out to restaurants

Create a memorable Tet experience for your family by taking the time to prepare a home-cooked meal. Rather than dining out, snacking, or indulging in shopping sprees with friends, embrace the tradition of coming together and save some extra funds in the process.

During the Tet holiday, dining out can be significantly more expensive compared to regular days. In fact, expenses may double or even triple.

If you are looking to save money during Tet, it is important to keep this in mind when making dining choices.

Shopping for Goods in Wholesale Markets

Shopping for goods at wholesale markets Shopping for goods at wholesale markets

In most cases, purchasing goods at wholesale markets offers more affordable prices compared to buying them at supermarkets. Although it may require additional time, travel distance, and a bit of inconvenience, opting for wholesale markets is a preferable option if you desire to purchase fresh and reasonably priced food as opposed to small markets or supermarkets.

Plan Ahead for Your Tet Shopping

Prioritize early Tet shopping Prioritize early Tet shopping

It is advisable not to delay shopping until Tet as the prices may substantially increase, particularly for scarce items that may be artificially inflated. We recommend preparing a preemptive list of essential items for gradual purchase and stocking up in advance. It is advisable to prioritize dry food due to its extended shelf life.

7 Ways to Reuse Existing Items

Make use of the items you already have Make use of the items you already have

If you have access to a rooftop garden or unused space around your house, consider utilizing it to grow fresh vegetables or raise livestock. By doing so, you can not only obtain nutritious food but also save a significant amount of money. Additionally, growing your own food ensures its safety and contributes to your overall peace of mind.

Here are seven spending tips during Tet that we have compiled for your information. Stay tuned for more useful tips and tricks by following us.

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