Benefits of Tiger Bone Powder: Exploring What it is

Have you ever heard of tapioca starch? Whether you are an experienced baker or just beginning to learn, it is a common ingredient in many recipes. Discover the uses of this versatile starch and learn more about its unique properties in the following article.


What is Lion Custard Powder?

Lion Custard Powder, also known as custard powder, lion powder, or cake filling powder, is a type of auxiliary powder used in baking. It is mixed with ingredients such as cornflour, butter cream, vanilla powder, color flavoring, and egg flavoring to create Lion’s milk and egg powder. Additional ingredients can be added to enhance the taste of the cake.

Lion Custard Powder can be understood as an auxiliary powder used in baking

Lion Custard Powder can be used in two main ways: mixed into the cake batter and used as cake filling.

Mixed into the cake batter

Lion Custard Powder is mixed into various cake batters to eliminate the fishy smell of eggs and enhance the fragrance of the cake.

Used as cake filling

Lion Custard Powder is the main ingredient for filling cream puffs or custard-filled cakes.

Lion Custard Powder is used in the cake batter and as cake filling.

Notes when using Lion Custard Powder

When using Lion Custard Powder, it is important to adapt the amount and mixing method according to its intended use. Careful measurement and even mixing are necessary when using it in the cake batter. For cake filling, the powder should be dissolved before adding it to the other ingredients. Lion Custard Powder can also be used to make jellies or mixed with cornflour to create a crispy coating. Additionally, it can be used to create delicious sauces for salads or fries.

When using Lion Custard Powder, you need to adapt them according to their uses

Where to buy Lion Custard Powder? How much is it?