Exploring the Culinary Art of Boiled Urine Eggs

For centuries, Chinese people have used urine-boiled eggs as a therapeutic remedy and an iconic delicacy of Dongyang, Zhejiang, China. This article presents a few secrets on how to prepare this unique dish.


The traditional dish known as boiled urine eggs, also referred to as “virgin boy eggs” or “boiled urine of young boys”, originates from Dongyang City in Zhejiang Province, China.

Families who have a tradition of selling urine-boiled eggs claim to use the urine of young boys from local elementary schools as an ingredient in this renowned regional dish. Interestingly, only urine from boys aged 10 and below is used, as it is considered the best for this purpose.

Eggs soaked in urine and boiled for one day and one night

The eggs are soaked and boiled in urine, and then simmered on low heat for one day and one night. They are subsequently sold in various locations throughout Dongyang City. This unique dish possesses a salty flavor and occasionally a distinctive sour taste.

Urine eggs are sold in many places in Dongyang, China

Local residents believe that urine-boiled eggs have various health benefits, such as preventing strokes, cooling the body, improving blood circulation, relieving joint pain, and restoring energy levels.

Urine-boiled eggs are considered a culinary essence of China

Despite concerns over food safety by the government, urine eggs remain a popular dish among locals, children, and tourists visiting the area.

Chinese cuisine is undeniably unique. Would you dare to try this dish? Share your thoughts in the comments below.