“Green and Red Leafy Vegetable Known as the “Immortal Field Vegetable” – Affordable and Delicious”

This is not just a type of vegetable that is rich in nutrients for good health but also has a low cost and a variety of cooking methods.


Summer is one of the ideal times to cook delicious dishes from vegetables because it is the season of many delicious, nutritious, and cheap vegetables. In addition to spinach, water spinach, and amaranth, you can also make countless attractive dishes from amaranth. Amaranth is divided into 2 types: red amaranth and green amaranth. Thanks to its high content of nutrients, many people have affectionately named this vegetable “the longevity vegetable.”

In amaranth, there are many vitamins C, A, calcium, iron, fiber, antioxidants, and other trace elements. Therefore, regularly eating this vegetable can help nourish the liver, diuretic, cooling, nourishing the eyes, and facilitating digestion…

With these delicious, nutritious, and affordable ingredients, you can cook many dishes such as amaranth soup with beef, amaranth soup with water spinach and shrimp, amaranth soup, amaranth cooked with minced tofu and meat… However, the most familiar and simplest dish is probably stir-fried amaranth with garlic.


1. Ingredients for stir-fried amaranth with garlic:

– Amaranth: 1 bunch

– Garlic

– Seasoning: Oyster sauce, cooking oil, salt, and MSG

2. How to cook stir-fried amaranth with garlic:

Step 1: Preparing the ingredients

– After buying amaranth, remove the old roots and yellowed and withered leaves. Then, wash them thoroughly and drain.

– Peel the garlic, wash it clean, and chop it finely.

Step 2: Stir-frying amaranth with garlic

– Place the pan on the stove, add cooking oil and chopped garlic, then stir-fry until fragrant.

– When you see the garlic turn slightly yellow and release a fragrant smell, add the washed amaranth to stir-fry together.


– Stir constantly to evenly cook the amaranth. Season with 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, ½ teaspoon of salt, and 1/3 teaspoon of MSG. Depending on the taste of your family, you can add more or less seasoning.

– When the amaranth is cooked, transfer it to a plate and enjoy.

After being cooked, stir-fried amaranth with garlic has a refreshing green color and an extremely attractive aroma. When eating, you can feel the crispy and sweet taste, refreshing from the amaranth combined with the characteristic flavor of garlic. Stir-fried amaranth with garlic can be used as a snack or served with hot rice.

3. Notes when cooking stir-fried amaranth with garlic:

– When buying amaranth, you need to know that there are currently 2 types of amaranth: red amaranth and green amaranth. If green amaranth has a slightly strong smell, a rich taste and is often used to make salads or stir-fried dishes, red amaranth has smaller, tender and fragrant leaves and is suitable for making soups. According to nutrition experts, red amaranth is more valuable than green amaranth because they contain red pigments and flavonoids that can eliminate free radicals in the body.


– You should choose amaranth bunches with leaves that are not damaged or yellowed, and the stems are firm. Avoid choosing types of amaranth with soft and withered leaves because they won’t be tasty.

– Do not choose amaranth plants with very large leaves or thick stems because they may have been sprayed with too much growth hormones and nitrogen.

– To make stir-fried amaranth with garlic more delicious and nutritious, you can also stir-fry them with pork or beef.

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