The “cancer-devil” of vegetables packed with 30 times the amount of selenium when compared to onions, perfect for winter consumption

This is a food that contains high levels of nutrients and tastes delicious when cooked. Especially in the winter, you will have delicious dishes that boost immunity and are good for the skin.


When winter comes, you not only increase your body’s resistance by keeping warm or supplementing with nutritious foods, but also need to eat more vegetables. Winter is the “paradise” of vegetables that are both nutritious and high in water content, such as carrots, turnips, beets, kale…

In addition, malabar spinach is also one of the easy-to-buy, easy-to-process, easy-to-eat vegetables that many people buy for their homes. Malabar spinach is rich in antioxidants, contains a lot of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C… it can help you improve skin health, support cardiovascular health, control blood sugar levels, as well as support weight loss, strengthen the immune system…

In addition to delicious dishes such as stir-fried malabar spinach with garlic, crab soup with malabar spinach, gourd, malabar spinach sautéed with minced beef, malabar spinach soup with shrimp… you can also learn how to make a cold malabar spinach dish.

1. Ingredients to make cold malabar spinach dish

– Malabar spinach: 1 bunch

– Garlic, chili

– Seasonings: Good fish sauce, cooking oil, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar


2. How to make cold malabar spinach dish

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

– After buying malabar spinach, clean it, discard spoiled and faded leaves, then wash and drain.

– Peel and mince the garlic.

– Wash the chili, remove the stalk and slice it thinly.

Step 2: Blanch the malabar spinach

– Put water in a pot, add a few drops of cooking oil and bring to a boil.

– Then, put the malabar spinach in to blanch for about 2 minutes, then remove it to a bowl of ice water to maintain its natural green color. Then remove the vegetables from the bowl and drain.

Step 3: Prepare the dressing

– Take a large bowl, add minced garlic, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, ⅓ teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, half a tablespoon of vinegar, and finely chopped chili.

– Use cooking utensils such as spoons, chopsticks to mix the ingredients well.


Step 4: Mix the dressing with malabar spinach

– Add 1 tablespoon of hot cooking oil to the dressing bowl, then continue to mix well.

– Then slowly pour the dressing onto the blanched malabar spinach bowl and toss gently, then let it sit for about 5 minutes for the vegetables to absorb the seasonings.

After finishing the cold malabar spinach dish, it will have a very eye-catching color with the vibrant green of the malabar spinach and the red of the chili. When eating, you will feel that the blanched malabar spinach is tender, crisp, not wilted or too hard. Especially, the refreshing taste of the vegetables combined with the spicy garlic, chili, and flavorful seasonings will be very suitable for daily meals.


3. Notes when making cold malabar spinach dish

– Although malabar spinach is very good, there are 5 groups of people who should not eat this vegetable: people with poor nutrient absorption, people with stem stones, people with stomachache, people who have just had their teeth extracted, and people with diarrhea.

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