How to Choose Fresh Seafood: Important Cabinet Tips

In recent years, concerns have been raised over the practice of injecting urea and chemicals into seafood, making it difficult to find safe and fresh options. To help, offers some tips on how to select the best seafood available. Seafood is a rich, delicious, and nutritious source of food, and this advice will help ensure you make the most of it.


How to Choose Fresh Seafood: Oysters, Snails, Shrimp, Crabs, and Ink

Fresh oysters and snails can be identified by their tightly closed shells. If the shell is open, it should close quickly when touched. The water inside the shell should be clear, with a slightly fishy smell. Rotten oysters and snails will have open or slow-closing shells, cloudy and minimal water in the intestines, and a rotten smell.

For fresh snails, the body should stay tightly in the shell or move quickly when crawling out. When touched, they should quickly retract into the shell, with close scales on the outside. Rotten snails will have a soft mass in the shell and deeply indented scales.

How to choose to buy oysters, snails…

How to Choose Fresh Shrimp

Delicious shrimp should have a firm body with a hard, clear white shell. The head should be securely attached to the body, and there should be no fishy or rancid smells. Specific types of shrimp, like lobsters, should have clear green and shiny shells. Shrimps should have a pinkish-white color and blue eyes. Black tiger shrimp should have a smooth glossy shell and a clear shrimp body.

Avoid buying shrimp that has turned dark pink, has the head and claws separate from the body, or has a rancid smell. These indicate that the shrimp has been stored for too long and may be dangerous or spoiled.

How to choose shrimp

How to Choose Fresh Crabs

Sea crabs come in three types: brick crabs, meat crabs, and water crabs. To test the freshness of brick crabs and meat crabs, press their bibs with your hand. If the bibs are hard, the crabs have a lot of meat. You can also observe the claws to see if they are succulent or spongy. Fresh crabs should have a dull gray shell and large bibs.

Select truly fresh crabs by ensuring that the bib is still firmly attached to the body, the legs are strong and flexible, and the spines on the claws and shell are sharp.

How to choose to buy crabs

How to Choose Fresh Crabs

The most delicious and meaty crabs are green crabs, although there are other types like red crabs, three-pointed crabs, and black crabs. When choosing crabs, it is advisable to select moderately sized ones, as they will have more meat and a better taste. The crabs should be firm when pressing the bibs, and male crabs are preferred for crab meat dishes. Yellow-colored bricks indicate that the crabs are children, and their legs should be tight.

Choose crabs with red bibs and slightly yellow-colored bricks. The legs should be firm when squeezed, and fresh crab legs should contract but not stretch.

How to choose to buy Crab

How to Choose Fresh Ink

To choose fresh squid and cuttlefish, look for large, thick specimens with firm and uncrushed flesh. Cuttlefish should have a milky white color, a brown membrane surrounding the outside, and hard squid beards. Squid should have light pink flesh, a head still attached to the body, hard squid beards, and intact ink bags.

Avoid less fresh squid, which may have ivory-colored ink, pasty meat, detached heads, and a strong fishy smell.

How to choose ink

Above are the secrets to choosing fresh seafood while ensuring safety for your health. If you have any additional experiences or tips on selecting fresh seafood, feel free to share them with us!

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