Parents with These 3 Qualities Raise Successful, Bright Children

Parents have a significant influence on their children, both in their words and actions. In order for children to grow up to be virtuous individuals, parents should strive to achieve the following three qualities.



Every moment in life is an opportunity for education. It is often said that the family is the first place of education for children and parents are their first teachers.

As Rousseau pointed out, the education of an individual begins at birth. The words and actions of parents play a crucial role in the process of raising children. Education is a silent and continuous nurturing process, and for children to develop into cultured individuals, parents need to be moral role models.

Children often learn by imitating their parents’ behavior in order to feel secure. Over time, this imitation will become a part of their personality. If parents have careless behavior, their children may learn the same.

Moral education from parents through leading by example is an important factor in the formation of a child’s good character. This determines whether a child can grow up with noble moral qualities and handle things accurately. All these factors are much more important than the influence of inherited intelligence on a child’s life.

Good Vision

Parents’ beliefs and guidance determine the expansion of their children’s worldview.

Not only worrying about basic needs such as food and clothing for their children, parents also need to care about their spiritual development. Beyond material aspects, parents should think about how they want to raise their children to be good people in terms of soul and morality.

Parents with broad visions help their children recognize their potential and discover their own value, helping them to be strong in spirit.

The goal of raising children is not just about respecting ancestors, making money, or owning luxurious things. If parents’ perspectives are limited to these concepts, the models that children develop will also be correspondingly limited.

Parents who love their children often have long-term plans and visions for them. Although they cannot impose their own dreams on their children, they can contribute to shaping their children’s dreams and future.

In the process of growing up, children will face many choices and decisions. At important turning points in life, parents need guidance to broaden their children’s vision.

Parents with far-sighted vision will plan for their children’s future based on practical foundations and their children’s abilities. They do not simply evaluate their children based on academic achievements, but also nurture their children’s passion for learning, discover and enhance their strengths, and support them in learning and self-improvement.

Having Principles

The love that parents have for their children is unlimited but needs to be expressed within the framework of clear rules. The absence of principles in nurturing or inconsistent compliance with regulations can lead to negative consequences for the child in the future.

When a child makes a mistake, forgiveness should not be accompanied by disregarding the rules. Instead, parents need to help the child recognize the mistake and persistently guide them on how to make amends. Only with parents’ firm adherence to principles can they raise children who are proactive and ethically professional.

The younger the child, the more they need logical guidance and firmness from their parents. Faced with inappropriate behavior and unreasonable demands from the child, parents need to demonstrate determination for the child to learn their limits.

Many indulged children often have the common characteristic that their parents often give in to their demands, leading to a repetition of reducing requirements and giving up educational principles.

Parents need to be role models in adhering to rules for their children to follow. Children not only imitate behavior but also learn how to live and how to self-improve along with the principles and standards underlying those actions from their parents.

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