The True Essence of Motherhood: Embodied in Three Essential Virtues

As a mother, remember that the "softness of your mood" is the greatest education for your child.


Three Essential Qualities of a Remarkable Mother

The essence of a virtuous mother encompasses three core principles:

First: “Tranquility”

Upon recognizing their child’s strengths and shortcomings, a mother should remain composed and unruffled. The reason being:

Children require a mother with a serene presence to foster and nurture their growth. Only by maintaining a steady emotional state in the face of their children’s merits and flaws can she provide them with the impetus to mature.

As a mother, staying “emotionally composed” is the most significant form of education for children. (Photo for illustrative purposes)

A mother’s emotional instability can destabilize the entire household. If children are raised in such an environment, even minor disturbances can impact them, disrupting their emotional equilibrium. To quell their anxiety, they expend significant energy, leaving them with limited capacity for learning and development.

Second: “Vulnerability”

A mother should cultivate the ability to exhibit vulnerability before her children.

Children of overbearing mothers often struggle with self-confidence, which is gradually eroded by their mother’s assertiveness. In contrast, those with mothers who display gentleness and vulnerability tend to be more self-assured and resilient.

Third: “Compassion”

As the adage goes, “A loving mother is not afraid of being gentle; she fears loving without guiding.”

A child with poor academic performance may not necessarily lack intelligence but rather experience “emotional difficulties.” Academic struggles can often be attributed to negative emotions.

Parental anxiety and frustration exacerbate a child’s academic struggles. Only when their emotional state is balanced can children truly absorb, explore, think rationally, and innovate.

Frequently asked questions

Tranquility is essential for a mother to maintain an emotionally steady state in the face of her children’s strengths and shortcomings. By remaining composed, she provides a serene presence that fosters her children’s growth. Her emotional stability prevents household destabilization and ensures her children’s emotional equilibrium, allowing them to focus on learning and development without anxiety.

Displaying vulnerability is crucial as it builds self-confidence and resilience in children. When a mother is overly assertive, it can erode a child’s self-assurance. In contrast, a mother who exhibits gentleness and vulnerability nurtures an environment where children feel secure and valued, fostering their emotional well-being.

Compassion is key to a mother’s role, as exemplified by the adage, “A loving mother is not afraid of being gentle; she fears loving without guiding.” Academic struggles, for instance, may not always indicate a lack of intelligence but rather “emotional difficulties.” A mother’s compassion helps balance her child’s emotional state, enabling them to absorb, explore, think rationally, and innovate.
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