Steps for Selecting and Preserving Peach Blossoms for Tet Holiday

Do you love peach blossoms and want to make sure they stay fresh during the Tet holiday? Look no further! Here are some useful tips on how to pick the prettiest branches, no matter if you live in the North or the South of Vietnam!


1 Tips for Choosing a Beautiful Peach Tree and Branch for Your Home

When selecting a peach tree and branch for your home, it is important to consider the space, area of the house, and the location where the peach branch will be displayed, such as the living room or altar. This will ensure that the peach branch harmonizes well with your house.

When purchasing peach trees from a garden, make sure to inspect the tree first. Look for trees with strong, dense canopies, many buds, and rough roots. The peach blossoms on trees will bloom longer than those on cut branches, so choose trees with large buds for Tet.

How to choose a beautiful peach tree for Tet in harmony with the house

If you prefer to buy peach branches, look for branches with rounded crowns and evenly distributed branches. This will ensure that the flowers bloom beautifully. Choose old, hardy branches with a dark brown color. Avoid selecting broken peach branches, as they can affect the lifespan of the branches.

How to choose beautiful peach branches suitable for interior space

2 Tips for Keeping Peach Blossoms Fresh for a Long Time

To keep your peach tree or branch fresh during Tet, follow these tips:

For the peach tree:

Water the tree regularly, but avoid overwatering as peach trees prefer a drier environment. Place the tree in an open area and keep it clean.

How to keep peach trees fresh for a long time in the house

For the peach branch:

  • Rinse the vase thoroughly and use clean water to arrange the flowers.
  • Change the water every 2-3 days and wash the peaches that are submerged in water.
  • You can add a few Vitamin B1 tablets to the water to keep the peach blossoms fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Place the peach branches in a cool location with less wind and sunlight.

Some people burn the stumps of peach branches to prevent sap from flowing out. However, this should only be done by those with experience, as burning for too long can seal the water circuit and prevent the branch from conducting water, resulting in the loss of freshness.

How to keep fresh peach branches for a long time during Tet

These tips will help you choose and keep your peach tree or branch fresh. If you have any additional suggestions, please leave a comment below the article!