What Type is Your Waist? Find Out Your Destiny

You might be surprised to know that waist circumference can reveal a lot about your personality and destiny. Typically, a good waistline is considered to be neither too high nor too low, but balanced and well-proportioned.


Here are some insights about waistlines that you may find interesting:

1. Small Waistline

In ancient beliefs, women with small waistlines are considered diligent and hardworking. However, according to physiognomy, having a waistline that is too small may lead to a chaotic life, sometimes lacking and difficult. Although they may experience hardships and losses in life, they will enjoy blessings and comfort in their later years.

2. Average Waistline

Those with an average waistline will encounter good luck in their younger years. However, as they enter middle age, their lives will go through ups and downs and become increasingly challenging.

3. Thick Waistline

Individuals with a thick waistline will experience many ups and downs in life. They will only enjoy a comfortable and happy life in their later years. Their career and wealth will develop strongly during middle age.

4. Thin Waistline

In general, the life of someone with a thin waistline is quite difficult. They must make a lot of effort to achieve what they desire. If there is a mole on their waistline, they will receive assistance from others, which helps to alleviate the difficulties they face in life.

5. No Waistline

People without a waistline often face many difficulties during their youth, especially in their education. However, from middle age, their careers will begin to prosper. They will become wealthy after the age of 40.

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