2 Easy Ways to Eliminate Odors from Clothes Dryers

To ensure their clothing remains fresh and odor-free, housewives can find two helpful tips for drying clothes in this article.


Clothes can develop unpleasant odors if the dryer is not regularly cleaned. To eliminate these stubborn odors, follow the 2 GREEN Bach Hoa tips below.

First, How to Deodorize a Clothes Dryer

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a widely recognized food with excellent cleaning and deodorizing properties. It is commonly found in every kitchen and is affordable. Follow these steps:

Use vinegar to remove strange odors in the clothes dryerUse vinegar to remove strange odors in the clothes dryer

Step 1: Soak a towel in vinegar.

Step 2: Use the vinegar-soaked towel to wipe all parts of the dryer, including the inlet, washing water tank, filter, vent system, and waste pipe. Repeat this process 2-3 times to thoroughly eliminate unpleasant odors.

Step 3: After cleaning the parts, check if the dryer still smells bad. Additionally, ensure that the waste pipe is properly reinstalled, with a straight and untwisted configuration and positioned lower than the clothes drying machine to prevent wastewater from flowing back into the machine.

Furthermore, you can create a vinegar solution by mixing approximately 2 liters of warm water with vinegar. Pour this solution into the dryer, activate the washing mode for 30-45 minutes, and then switch to the gentle drying mode to allow the machine to self-clean the inner drum.

Use Charcoal

To effectively eliminate odors and ensure the health of family members, housewives can use activated charcoal, which is lighter and more porous than regular charcoal. Activated charcoal is processed at a high temperature, resulting in many small holes capable of absorbing dirt, pollutants, and air.

Use activated carbon to remove strange odors in the clothes dryerUse activated carbon to remove strange odors in the clothes dryer

In addition to deodorizing clothes dryers, activated charcoal is commonly used to eliminate odors in washing machines and refrigerators, with an effect that lasts up to 1 month. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Place crushed activated charcoal in a sealed container.

Step 2: Put the zip bag containing the charcoal in the dryer for a few hours. Check if the washing machine drum still smells and leave it for another 1-2 hours if necessary.

2. The Consequences of Neglecting Dryer Maintenance

Although clothes dryers are convenient and simplify the drying and ironing process, failure to clean them regularly can lead to the accumulation of dirt and lint from clothes. This accumulation allows bacteria to multiply, negatively impacting the machine’s efficiency, lifespan, and the health of household members.

The harm of not cleaning the dryer regularlyThe harm of not cleaning the dryer regularly

In more severe cases, insects and dirty animals such as cockroaches, mice, and lizards can enter the dryer, causing unpleasant and uncomfortable odors while also introducing harmful pathogens. Regularly checking and cleaning the clothes dryer is essential in these situations.

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