5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Taking Your Laundry to a Laundromat

As laundry services become more popular, concerns over the potential risks posed to yourself and your family emerge. To gain more insight, let's check out what Dien May XANH has to say about these risks!


1. Increases the risk of infection

Continuously washing clothes without ensuring that all bacteria from the previous wash have been completely removed can lead to bacteria sticking to the clothes. This can cause various skin diseases such as rashes, folliculitis, and boils, especially for underwear and children’s clothes. It is not recommended to bring them to a public laundry due to the high risk of infection.

Làm tăng nguy cơ nhiễm khuẩn

Children’s clothes should not be taken to a public laundromat

2. High risk of losing personal items

When using laundry services, there is a high possibility of losing or mixing up your clothes and other personal items, resulting in incomplete or missing items when returning them. It is important to be cautious as too many items in the store can easily get lost or mixed with others.

Nguy cơ mất đồ cao

Too many items in the store are easy to lose or mix with others

3. The cost is too high

The price of laundry services currently range from 5,000 VND to 10,000 VND per 1 kg of clothes. Considering the average amount of clothes that needs to be washed in a month, this can add up to a significant cost. However, sometimes using salon services does not guarantee the desired level of cleanliness, so it is important to consider this carefully before bringing clothes to a store.

chi phí quá cao

The cost of laundry outside the store is too high

4. Reduces the durability of clothes

Washing clothes with excessive loads in a salon can put too much pressure on the washing machine. This can lead to clothes quickly becoming linty, stretched, discolored, or stained from other clothes. It is especially risky for expensive clothes like leather jackets, nightshirts, feather coats, and blankets. Washing them outside the shop increases the chances of damaging them.

giảm độ bền của quần áo

Washing clothes at a public store makes clothes quickly damaged

5. Shy mentality

Feeling embarrassed about not washing your own clothes and relying on outside laundry services can make you feel shy. Carrying dirty bags around can also add to the embarrassment.

tâm lý ngại ngùng

Feeling shy when bringing clothes to the laundromat