6 Ways to Reduce Electricity Costs with Air Cooler Fans

Do you dread opening your monthly electricity bill due to the usage of your air conditioning unit? This article will show you six simple steps to help reduce costs and prevent your power bill from getting too high.


Common Mistakes When Using Air Conditioners That Increase Electricity Bills

In hot summer days, it is necessary to use cooling tools like air conditioners. However, many families often encounter some errors that cause high electricity bills. Let’s find out how to fix this issue.

1. Close the door when turning it on

Many people mistakenly think that air conditioners operate similarly to air conditioners. However, the difference between them is that air conditioners use the surrounding air and create a cool airflow, so they need to be placed in cool, spacious, and not enclosed places.

In addition, if you regularly lock the door when using the air conditioner, it may cause high humidity, affecting the health of the users.

Closing the door when turning it on
Closing the door when turning it on

2. Not controlling the water when pouring it in

Another common mistake that users often make is not being able to control the amount of water when pouring it into the machine. If you pour too much, it may overflow when moving or flow into the accessories inside and cause damage.

If you pour too little, some machines that do not have automatic shutoff may use up the water quickly, causing the machine to break down. Therefore, experts suggest pouring about 50-70% of the amount of water to ensure the best performance of the machine.

Not controlling the water when pouring it in
Not controlling the water when pouring it in

3. Not cleaning the cooling pad

The cooling pad is a very important part of the air conditioner, which helps create cool air streams for the machine. However, many people often neglect to clean the cooling pad, causing it to be covered in dust and reducing its cooling efficiency.

For that reason, you should regularly clean them by removing and rinsing them gently under water and replacing them every 1-3 years of use. In addition, other parts such as the water tank and the area around the fan.

Not cleaning the cooling pad
Not cleaning the cooling pad

4. Placing the fan against the wall

If you place the fan against the wall, it may prevent the hot air from escaping, causing the internal components to easily break. In addition, you should also place the fan in places with a balanced and stable surface.

Placing the fan against the wall
Placing the fan against the wall

5. Not unplugging the power cord after use

Many people mistakenly believe that regularly plugging in the power cord for the machine does not have any impact. However, this can cause your electricity bills to increase significantly and reduce the lifespan of the machine.

Not unplugging the power cord after use
Not unplugging the power cord after use

6. Adding essential oil to the fan

Many households often add essential oil or fragrant oil inside the air conditioner to make the room smell nice and disinfect. But doing so for a long time can cause the oil to dry out and stick inside the machine, leading to clogged water tubes and the machine no longer cooling.

Adding essential oil to the fan
Adding essential oil to the fan

This article provides information about common mistakes when using air conditioners that can cause your electricity bills to increase. Hope the article is helpful and don’t forget to follow us for more knowledge!

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