Attract Wealth in the New Year with a Compilation of 18 Types of Lucky Flowers

Flowers bring vitality, luck, and happiness during the Lunar New Year celebration. Below are 18 recommended types of auspicious flowers that should be displayed in the house to attract prosperity for the upcoming year.


When it comes to flowers, people often think of beauty, and until now, flowers have been used to decorate homes to make them more beautiful. In addition, many families tend to choose flowers as decorations in their homes, hoping to bring a lot of luck and fortune, especially during the New Year. Read the article to choose the flowers to place in your home during Tet.

Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom

Peach and Apricot blossoms have become familiar symbols of Tet. People often say that when they see Peach or Apricot Blossoms, they feel the Tet atmosphere. Peach Blossoms also symbolize renewal and strong development. According to feng shui, Peach Blossoms can drive away evil spirits, so during the New Year, families often plant peach blossoms in front of their homes.

Money Tree

Money Tree brings wishes of wealth and prosperity to the entire family

The Money Tree brings wishes of wealth and prosperity to the entire family. Each flower with its many petals and vibrant colors will bring desires for prosperity and fortune to the home. Place the flowers in a location with sunlight so that they can bloom fully, and especially the colors of the flowers will become more prominent under the sunlight.

Ochna Integerrima

Ochna Integerrima symbolizes Earth, bringing prosperity and luck

According to feng shui, the five petals of the Ochna Integerrima are considered the five Feng Shui deities, symbolizing five blessings: happiness, joy, luck, peace, and longevity. The vibrant yellow color of the Ochna Integerrima symbolizes Earth, bringing prosperity and luck to the home. Especially if the flowers bloom on New Year’s Eve, the luck will be doubled.


Daisy is a flower symbolizing joy and increasing fortune

Daisies bring longevity and increased fortune, and have the ability to stabilize the energy field. In feng shui, Daisies are a flower symbolizing joy, increased fortune, filial piety, nobility, and endurance. Therefore, you should place small Daisy flowers in places with plenty of light for the flowers to bloom brightly and bring more luck in the New Year.


Orchid symbolizes wealth and prosperity

This is a type of flower that many families prefer to display in their homes, especially during the holiday season. It is believed that having an Orchid in the house during Tet will bring wealth and prosperity to the owner.


Cockscomb brings good luck, blessings, and wards off negative energy for the family

Cockscomb, also known as Celosia, comes in various colors such as yellow, red, and pink. Besides its beauty, it brings good luck, blessings, and wards off negative energy for the family. Therefore, it is recommended to have a bouquet of Cockscomb to enhance the grandeur of the home during the Lunar New Year.


Narcissus symbolizes academic success

According to traditional Vietnamese beliefs, the red petals of the Narcissus bring good luck. It also symbolizes academic success, which is the natural aspiration of individuals to rise to the wings of knowledge and creativity. Therefore, many families choose Narcissus flowers to decorate their homes to pray for their children’s success in the upcoming year.

Apricot Blossom

Apricot Blossom dispels negative energy and brings good fortune to the owner

Apricot Blossom is the herald of spring, blooming right at the onset of spring and flaunting its beauty until it gracefully fades. The flower dispels negative energy and brings good fortune to the owner. Therefore, it should be placed on the balcony or in front of the house to allow the flower to blend with the spring breeze and bring good things to the owner.

Red Hydrangea

Red Hydrangea brings luck, wealth, and prosperity to the owner

According to feng shui, Red Hydrangea brings luck, wealth, and prosperity to the owner. With its noble, sweet, and gentle beauty, buy Hydrangea to decorate your home to have a lucky and prosperous year.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom symbolizes wealth and prosperity

Cherry Blossom is a type of flower that only blooms in the spring, so it is known as one of the precious flowers, symbolizing good luck. Furthermore, Cherry Blossom also symbolizes wealth and prosperity. A pot of Cherry Blossoms in the house will be a wise choice to welcome the spring.

White Chrysanthemum

White Chrysanthemum brings luck, dispels negative energy, and brings good things in the New Year

White Chrysanthemum has great feng shui significance, bringing huge positive energy to your home. According to Eastern feng shui, White Chrysanthemum brings luck, dispels negative energy, and brings good things in the New Year for your family. Place it in your home to bring good things to the homeowner.


Rose symbolizes love, with its fragrance and captivating beauty

Rose is a beautiful flower symbolizing love, with its fragrance and captivating beauty, so decorate your home with roses during Tet to add elegance to your space.


Lotus brings abundant health, free from illness

Lotus is a flower with feng shui significance, bringing abundant health, free from illness, making your home harmonious and attractive. You can use it to decorate and pray for good health in the upcoming year.

Life Plant

Life Plant symbolizes growth, unity, and the love among family members

The Life Plant carries beautiful wishes for loved ones. Wishing the family abundant health and happiness. In addition, it also symbolizes growth, unity, and the love among family members. Therefore, place it on your balcony or window so that the plant can grow better.


Above are the flowers that bring luck and fortune. Choose one of the above flowers to display in your home to welcome the New Year.

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Frequently asked questions

To attract wealth and prosperity in the New Year, one can consider incorporating lucky flowers into their home or office space. Lucky flowers are believed to bring positive energy and enhance one’s wealth and fortune. According to the article on, there are 18 types of lucky flowers that can be used for this purpose, each with its own symbolic meaning and significance.

The article mentions specific flowers such as the Orchid, Peach Blossom, Narcissus, Chrysanthemum, and Marigold, among others, as powerful symbols of wealth and prosperity. For instance, the Orchid is known for its elegance and beauty, representing luxury and refinement, while the Peach Blossom is associated with good luck, romance, and abundance.

It is recommended to display these flowers in specific ways to maximize their potential. For example, placing a vase of fresh orchids in the southeast corner of your home or office, which is believed to be the wealth corner according to Feng Shui principles. Additionally, keeping the flowers well-maintained and healthy is important, as withered or dying flowers may have the opposite effect and attract negative energy.

Yes, certain colors and types of flowers are considered especially lucky. Golden-colored flowers, such as marigolds or chrysanthemums, symbolize wealth and abundance. Red flowers, like roses or peonies, represent prosperity and good luck. Additionally, flowers with round or full shapes are believed to attract wealth, as they resemble coins or abundance.

Absolutely! Gifting lucky flowers is a thoughtful way to wish someone wealth and prosperity in the New Year. Consider the recipient’s favorite flowers or colors, and choose an arrangement that aligns with their taste. Accompany the gift with a heartfelt card expressing your well wishes for their financial success and abundance.