Expressions of Gratitude for Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27th

On July 27, we have the opportunity to honor those who have sacrificed for our nation on Invalids and Martyrs' Day. As we express our utmost gratitude to these heroes, we send them our best wishes and heartfelt appreciation on this special occasion.


Invalids and Martyrs Day is an annual commemorative day held to honor and pay tribute to wounded soldiers and martyrs who selflessly fought for peace in Vietnam. It is also a time to express gratitude to the mothers, wives, and families who supported these heroes.

First Meaningful Wishes and Gratitude on Invalids and Martyrs Day, July 27

Meaningful wishes and gratitude for Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27

1. Many years have passed, but the pain remains. We remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect our country on this occasion of Invalids and Martyrs Day on July 27. We send our best wishes to the wounded soldiers who have witnessed the country’s journey from war to peace.

Please remember the sacrifices of the martyrs who gave their lives for every inch of our sacred land.

2. In the atmosphere of joy, recovery, and solemnity on July 27 – the Day of War Invalids and Martyrs, we offer our deepest respect and gratitude to those who died for our beloved country. We also wish good health to those who are lucky to return, and hope that everyone will always be happy and able to overcome any difficulties.

3. To have an independent country like we do today, where we can live happily, freely, and with full freedom, many young people had to sacrifice their personal happiness and leave their dreams behind to join the battlefield.

Many families became the support system for their children, hoping for the country’s independence and their safe return. The war may be over, but the pain still lingers.

On the occasion of July 27 – Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, let us respectfully express our gratitude to the heroes who are still alive or have passed away, to the heroic Vietnamese mothers, and to the wives and families who have selflessly supported the independence of our country.

4. Our younger generation may not have witnessed the horrors of war firsthand, but that doesn’t mean we forget the contributions of our brothers, uncles, and grandparents. We carry their memories in our hearts and will always remember their bravery. On July 27 – Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, we remember the fallen and express our deep gratitude to those who remain.

5. On the occasion of Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27, we wish the soldiers of Uncle Ho good health and hope that the Vietnamese people will always cherish their contributions.

Meaningful wishes and gratitude for Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27

6. Every year on July 27, Vietnam settles down to remember the sacrifices made by the soldiers who shed their sweat, tears, and blood for our independent and free nation. On this day, we send our best wishes and gratitude to the heroes who sacrificed themselves for our country and its people.

7. The war may be over, but the scars remain. They are etched on the wounded soldiers and in the hearts of the families of the fallen. On July 27, we, who live in a peaceful country thanks to the selfless sacrifices of our ancestors, remember and express our gratitude for their great contributions. On Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, we pay our sincerest respects to those who gave their lives for the independence and freedom of our country.

8. To the heroes who gave their youth in the midst of smoke and fire, who fought for an independent and free country, we send our heartfelt gratitude. They went to the fierce battlefield without fear, sacrificing their own lives and ambitions for the Vietnamese people. We are forever grateful for their sacrifices. On the occasion of July 27 – Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, we wish the heroes good health, freedom from illness, and a lifetime of happiness.

2 Good Poems about Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27

Good poems about Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27

Guys – Dao Manh Thanh

Hey guys! Sacred souls of mountains and rivers,

How beautiful is our country?

Mirror brothers, proud and brave,

Our gratitude to you will never fade.

Decades have passed, and our country is unified,

Yet burdened with the pain of loss,

Grief envelops the entire nation,

The bloody battlefield remains.

You went to war for the sake of our country,

You willingly shed your own blood,

For the homeland, for the peace of our land,

May our country always be filled with sunshine and warmth.

Today, our country is so beautiful,

A tribute to the heroes’ sacrifices,

The entire nation commemorates this special day,

As the scent of smoke fills the air and evokes pity,

From deep forests, mountains, rivers, and the sea,

Mourning for our heroes overflows once again,

The whole nation bows respectfully,

Burning incense… paying homage to the souls of the martyrs…

Vietnamese Mother – Do Luong Dien

I went during the war,

In my youth, when I was green and full of dreams,

I went to protect the land,

Together with everyone waiting for our return.

We won five, and then another year,

But the old mothers grew tired, their backs bent with longing,

Painful news arrived from the battlefield,

My heart was crushed.

It compressed my mother’s heart as she tried to go about her daily tasks,

She sent rice to the battlefield,

Contributing to the fight against America and the peace of our country.

Now, my mother is old,

She is like a fairy in this world,

Having sacrificed the blood of her loved ones,

For our forever beautiful and prosperous Fatherland.

Offering the Martyrs’ Incense – Thich Quang Hop

May the leaders,

Together with our people,

Take care of the resting place of the martyrs,

Cleanse the red grass,

Bring peace to the departed souls,

Let my heart be of help,

As a monk, I light the precious incense,

A bridge to the land of the deceased heroes,

May our country be beautiful and prosperous.

Immortal Hero – Ngo Quang Tinh

Thach Han, here lies a cemetery without graves,

The majestic ancient citadel, also without graves,

But it carries the spirit of the flaming red,

The national sacred monument that we worship.

Remember the Anniversary – Nguyen Mai

As we approach the twenty-seventh of July,

Why does my heart feel so sad?

What memories are evoked by the call?

We engrave monuments for the heroes and martyrs,

For a brighter future of our country,

The flag flies high, thanks to Uncle Ho’s Party,

We carry our backpacks and weapons, rushing into battle,

May your souls rest in peace,

Your blood was shed for the flag,

Today, I write poetry,

The heroes and martyrs of every historical hour.

Good poems about Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27

Standing in Vietnam – Nguyen Huong

One life, two deaths are here,

Bombs and bullets rain down, but our determination is strong,

We silently watch with faithful eyes,

Clutching our weapons and defending our homeland with unwavering resolve.

We know we are like a spark in a gas station,

The porch holds the gun and the determination to protect our home,

We are proud Vietnamese people,

Forever standing alongside our fathers.

The Fatherland Forever Attribution – Raindrops

So many footprints scattered along the Truong Son mountain range,

The class of children sacrificed for the Fatherland,

So many victories transformed into legends,

The sacred homeland soaked in blood and bones.

We can still hear the echoes of extraordinary battles,

The wounds have not yet healed,

Many years of war have left their mark,

Scratching the pain once again as they return to the sky.

We still hear triumphant songs,

And the echo of “Let’s aim at the enemy and shoot,”

Even in the cold night, drenched in rain,

We stay steadfast in the face of the enemy.

The old blue hair has turned gray,

Living amidst everyday life, but still a soldier,

Unafraid of hardships, never losing our determination,

Our Fatherland… we remember… and thank you!!!

For the Fatherland – Tran Ba Bich

For the sake of the Fatherland, they sacrificed themselves,

We thank them for their honesty,

They gave their lives in exchange for a blue sky,

So that humanity could bask in the warmth of happiness.

This July, we remember our elder brothers,

We light a candle in their memory,

Wishing their souls eternal peace,

In the place where the nine streams make a vow of love.

Fifty years have passed since July filled our thoughts,

So heroic, it stirs our desires,

Let us build a strong country,

Paying homage to the song of life.

Today, as we think of you, our dreams soar,

Our poetry reaches for the sky,

Because you shine among the stars,

May the Vietnamese people enter the pages of history.

Day of Invalids and Martyrs, July 27 – Tran Thanh Phong

Offering affection with utmost respect,

To you, boundless and never-ending,

You dedicated your youth,

So that our country can now be at peace.

Please light a burning incense stick,

We are forever indebted to our heroes,

Who dedicated their entire prime years,

Now, children and grandchildren will never forget their words.

Let us all pay our respects at the nine streams,

This gratitude will keep resounding,

Your names are immortalized on yellow plaques,

Forever singing heroically,

National Heroes Memorial – Hoang Dai

Now, July is bright and pink,

Flowers bloom across the sky,

Welcoming the beautiful July 27th,

A tribute to the martyrs and wounded soldiers.

We hear the sincere echoes of the past,

Of our fathers who preserved our country and built their lives,

This heart loves endlessly,

A few lines filled with heartfelt emotions,

Etched with boundless resistance,

A father-son love that was torn into two,

May a brighter future come soon,

With long and warm days,

Where a peaceful new life is visible,

Our heroes come alive,

Forever beautiful,

Our peace… engraved a thousand times.

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