“Glimpsing the Future: 15 Beautiful and Meaningful Poems for the Start of the 2023-2024 School Year”

As the new school year gets underway, students and teachers alike are eager to capture the special moments it brings. From classrooms to cafeterias, here are some of the best poems about the start of the 2023-2024 school year.


Back-to-school season is a special time for generations of teachers and students. In the joyful atmosphere of the opening day, amidst the laughter and playful chatter of friends signaling the arrival of a new school year. Below are some poems about the opening season that we want to share with you.

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1 Opening day – Author: Ha Thanh Hoa

Every year, on this day

September first, happy opening day

Despite the unusual weather

Our teachers and students still celebrate the joyous day!

Celebrating a new school year

Fulfilling the mission of shaping individuals

Dedicated and upright teachers

Beloved students striving to become better!

2 Opening day – Author: Nguyen Bui Voi

Early autumn morning

I’m wearing new clothes

Going to school on opening day

As happy as going to a party

Meeting friends, laughing and excited

Holding hands to celebrate

Carrying school bags on our backs

Looking at the teachers

Everyone looks younger

The school yard shines gold in the new sun

The flag flies and cheers

Groups stand in line

Seeing friends all grown up

Once small and tiny

Now in fourth grade

The drum of the school bell resounds

A new school year has come

We enter the classroom

With a bright red scarf around our necks

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3 White coat on opening day – Author: Nguyen Lan Huong

The drum slept through the summer

The trees stood silent without the song of crickets

A lonely stone bench in the grass

Waiting for the white coats to return.

Suddenly, the September sun shines

The school gate opens wide to welcome autumn

The old drum wakes up

The white coats have arrived, the obedient white coats.

Bright blue eyes filled with happiness

Footsteps bustling on the opening day

The stone bench listens to the stories

The white coats have arrived, still adorable.

A new school year begins, the drum beats

The white coats no longer buzz with excitement

Wishing the white coats a new year

Working hard to fulfill their dreams.

White coat on opening day - Author: Nguyen Lan Huong
White coat on opening day – Author: Nguyen Lan Huong

4 Opening ceremony – Author: Hoang My Phi

All teachers love their profession

Neatly dressed, entering the new year

The Ao dai gracefully worn by teachers

Preparing morning lessons in the classroom.

Teachers walk to school

Accumulating knowledge, brightening their lives

Even though it is difficult, oh teachers!

The country appreciates the shining belief,

I remember it clearly

Warm teacher’s voice, beloved teacher’s voice

Bringing forever a fragrant scent

Following me through difficult paths!

Even if not high-ranking officials

Teachers will always stand above.

5 Opening day – Author: Lang Du Khach

Look at the young children

Today is the joyful opening day

Their faces radiant with smiles

A bright red scarf shining

Today, I step into life

The future of the country shines with youthful vigor

Study diligently, be worthy owners of the nation

Every childhood has to go through

The September drum urges us to go to school

Under the beloved national flag

Celebrating the joyful opening season

The country wants to shine

The homeland wants to be glorious in the world

Uncle Ho has advised deep in our hearts

Children, always remember Uncle Ho!

6 September opening – Author: Hong Lieu

September has arrived, my friends!

Tomorrow is the sunny opening day

The fresh breeze stirs the small streets

If you come to school, wait for me!

September seems like yesterday

Summer’s jade age is over

Are you excited about the opening day?

Will anyone come to find me?…

The school gate closes without waiting for anyone

The drum in my heart replaces the long bell

In the yard, I used to be a friend

Now standing by the road… waiting for someone!

September is here, where are you, old friends?

The phoenix trees are green after the rain

The butterflies still dance around the yellow daisies

But the white coats… have gone astray!

7 Emotions on opening day – Author: Mac Phuong

Opening day, colorful flags waving

Youthful birds happily flock to school

Turbulent emotions mixed inside

A heart filled with the fragrance of life.

Although it’s a place of arrival and departure

Boats carrying dreams in full

The joy gathered every hour

Bringing sweet dreams to the little ones.

Gazing at the morning sunlight sparkling

Looking at the children like blooming flowers

Embarking on a long journey of knowledge

Marching towards a bright future.

Opening the gate to the sky ahead

Be confident, my child

A lifetime of ferrying back and forth

Your smile is a gift to your teachers.

Emotions on opening day - Author: Mac Phuong
Emotions on opening day – Author: Mac Phuong

8 Celebrating the new school year – Author: Truong Tuy Anh

Tung… Tung… the sound of drums resounds

A bustling new school year

The schoolyard, filled with Phoenix and Bauhinia trees

Changing clothes, autumn has arrived, listen!

Silently awaiting the sound of laughter

Teachers, parents, and students all together

Sending warm wishes and gratitude

Congratulating my classmates

A confident and strong new school year

Let’s be ready, my friends

Study diligently, becoming more diligent each day

In the gentle breeze, a fragrant scent

Yellow chrysanthemums bloom, butterflies flutter around

Let’s reach for the blue sky

Sailing out to the wide sea to weave our dreams…

9 Opening day – Author: Hoang Minh Tuan

We pass through the years of childhood

But we always remember the old days of going to school

September arrives, my heart is still excited

Opening day, exhilarating and joyful!

The drums resound in the highlands

Urging the overflowing emotions

Eagerly awaiting the joyful teachers and students

The land and people long for brilliance

Such deep affection, etched in our minds

This is where we say goodbye to our teachers

Another chance to go to school

Once again, we remember the old days of childhood

Just once, to satisfy our longing!

Opening day - Author: Hoang Minh Tuan
Opening day – Author: Hoang Minh Tuan

10 Opening day in the highlands – Author: Tran Dieu Huong

The highland drums resound

Bringing forth excited emotions

Stepping lively, welcoming the lively autumn

Greeting the opening day with joy and enthusiasm.

The schoolyard is filled with colorful flags and flowers

Students laugh and play like young birds

Singing together in lively voices

Celebrating the new year with teachers and students.

The young students are full of excitement

Honoring the red scarves of the homeland

The new school year has arrived, teachers waiting

Yearning for knowledge and love.

11 Congratulations on the opening day – Author: Vu Xuan Hoa

The drum of the opening day resounds

Excitement fills the days and months of anticipation

Pure and innocent, full of pink dreams

Children come to class, guided by their teachers

Diligently studying, day and night

Remembering the care for the motherland

Years of nurturing dreams, guiding the way

Teacher’s warm voice, beloved teacher’s voice

Always spreading a comforting fragrance

Following me through difficult paths!

Even if not high-ranking officials

Teachers will always stand above.

12 Opening day for my child – Author: Le Thuong

Opening day for my child - Author: Le Thuong
Opening day for my child – Author: Le Thuong

My child is eagerly looking forward to the opening day!!!

The golden sunlight shines brightly

The excitement fills the schoolyard

The drum of the classroom has already opened

The flags and flowers are in full bloom

From the bottom of my heart, I feel joy

All I hope is that you study diligently each day

Become successful and dedicated students

I have two who are inseparable

Teach each other to be clean and safe

They eagerly await the morning

The new page of their hopes

With father’s eager eyes

This is the first lesson at school

The teacher teaches them to love the motherland

The teacher teaches them to love others

Remember the first lesson, my child

In the future, soar high with your wings!

13 Celebrating the opening day – Author: Hanh Nguyen

Early autumn fills the schoolyard

The flags and sunshine adorn the branches

The trees bend, offering cool shade

The school drum fills the air with songs.

The schoolyard is filled with colorful flags and flowers

The students laugh and chirp like young birds

Singing and holding hands

Celebrating the joyful day together.

The little students are lively and excited

Holding flowers, eagerly congratulating their teachers

Carefully listening to their advice

Being good and diligent students to please their teachers.

14 Opening day – Author: Thu Truc

What is opening day, mommy?

I have been studying for a long time

The big school bag is small

This year, I’m in third grade!

Who is happy on opening day, mommy?

The school welcomes many teachers

We, the students, have sweaty faces

But the teacher’s voice is still on the microphone

Opening day is a small school

Only first and fifth grade classes

We draw lots to determine who is in which class

I want to give my spot to someone else

Opening day brings joy to children

Grown-ups attend too much

The first impressions fade quickly, my child

Opening day is a day of love!

Opening day - Author: Thu Truc
Opening day – Author: Thu Truc

15 First Lesson – Author: Phan Thu Ha

The sun shines on the small road

Dad takes his daughter to school

Mom gives her a red rose

With it, the flower will emit a fragrance.

Watching the child’s eager steps

Her eyes shining in the sunlight

She reminds me of my school days

Innocent and pure like a blank white page.

Someday when the child grows up

Don’t forget, my dear, today

The first day I brought you to class

With your father and me holding your hand.

The sun gives you its rays

The roses give you their fragrance

The teacher will teach you to love the country

The first lesson at school.

The teacher teaches you to love the motherland

The teacher teaches you to love your fellow citizens

The first lessons of your life, remember them well

So that one day, you may soar high with your wings!

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Above are some meaningful and beautiful poems about the new school year and opening day. We hope this article is helpful to you. Don’t forget to explore 20+ meaningful goodbye gifts for teachers.

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