How to Solve Foaming Issues in Washing Machines

Are you struggling with an overly soapy washing machine? It's time to solve the issue and make your laundryroom respectable again. Read on to find out why your washing machine is overflowing with suds and how to fix it quickly.


Discover the causes and quick remedies for foaming in washing machines through our article!

1. Hazards of Washing Machine Foaming

When washing machines foam, it can lead to various hazards, including:

  • Reduced lifespan of the washing machine.
  • Corrosion of the washing machine shell due to detergent getting stuck.
  • Increased risk of electric shock due to low power sources.
  • Clogged drain pipes due to excessive foam from detergent.
  • Excess residue buildup in the washing machine, resulting in difficulty cleaning.

Hazards when the washing machine foams Hazards when the washing machine foams

2. Causes of Washing Machine Foaming

Not Using Specialized Detergent

Using regular hand washing powder throughout the washing machine can increase the chances of foaming. This is because hand washing powder tends to produce more foam.

Not using specialized detergent causes foaming Not using specialized detergent causes foaming

Using Too Much Detergent

Many people tend to use excessive amounts of detergent in the belief that it will result in cleaner clothes. However, using too much detergent can create excessive foam and cause spills.

Using too much detergent causes foaming Using too much detergent causes foaming

Incorrect Washing Machine Installation

If the washing machine is installed unevenly, it may not be able to accurately measure the weight of the clothes being washed. Additionally, if the washing machine drain pipe is not regularly cleaned, it can become clogged and cause foaming.

Incorrect washing machine installation causes foaming Incorrect washing machine installation causes foaming

3. Fixing a Foaming Washing Machine

To fix a foaming washing machine, you can follow these methods:

  • When the washing machine foams, turn it off and the power off. Wait for the soap to dissolve, then turn it back on and select a wash cycle without spin. When the machine stops, press the drain button to clean the water, remove all clothes, and repeat the previous steps. Running the washing machine with just water can help clean out any remaining soap and detergent residue.
  • Regularly clean the washing machine drain pipe and the area under the machine to prevent the accumulation of debris and pests.
  • Choose the appropriate detergent for your specific washing machine.
  • Use the right amount of detergent for the load of clothes being washed.

How to fix foaming washing machine How to fix foaming washing machine

The above information provides insight into the causes of foaming in washing machines and how to fix it. We hope this article will be helpful to you!

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