Diagnosing and Repairing a Broken Plastic Drawer in a Fridge

This article takes a look at the factors that lead to a broken plastic compartment in a refrigerator, as well as the approaches to repair it without sacrificing the safety of the user. We will analyze the source of the damage and how it can be successfully repaired.


1What is the plastic compartment in the refrigerator?

The plastic compartment in the refrigerator, also known as the refrigerator tray, is an essential component of any refrigerator. Its main function is to divide the refrigerator into multiple sections, allowing users to store and organize food efficiently.

Plastic compartment in the refrigerator

The plastic compartment in the refrigerator is designed to be easily removable and is typically made from two common materials:

Plastic tray: Although it may break when subjected to strong collisions or when overloaded, it is lightweight, easy to clean, and cost-effective, making it the preferred choice for most refrigerators.

Glass or aluminum tray: This material offers durability, elegance, and heat-resistance, with the ability to withstand weights of up to 100 kg. However, it is heavier and more expensive compared to plastic trays.

2Causes of plastic compartment breakage in the refrigerator

The refrigerator’s deterioration

Over time, a refrigerator can deteriorate, causing internal components to malfunction, including the plastic compartments.

The refrigerator has deteriorated

Exceeding weight limits by storing excess food

Each tray has a weight limit, and exceeding that limit can cause the plastic compartment to break. Overloading the refrigerator with too much food for an extended period is a common cause of tray breakage.

Stuffing too much food can cause the plastic compartment in the refrigerator to break

Strong impact force

Dropping, colliding, or applying excessive force while handling the plastic compartments can lead to breakage or damage.

Strong collision during the cleaning process can cause the plastic compartment in the refrigerator to break

Storing hot food

While not recommended, some people still store hot food in the refrigerator. The high temperature of the food can cause the plastic compartment to break upon contact.

Storing hot food

3Handling broken plastic compartments in the refrigerator

If the plastic compartment is only cracked or broken at a small point, it can be easily fixed by using AB glue. However, if the compartment is extensively damaged and rendered unusable, it is advisable to have a new storage tray custom-cut from aluminum or glass at specialized stores.

Both of these solutions are temporary fixes, and it is recommended to purchase a new and suitable storage compartment from refrigerator stores to ensure durability and maintain the refrigerator’s aesthetic appeal.

Contact a glass cutting technician to cut a new storage tray

Above is an article discussing the causes and recommended solutions for broken plastic compartments in the refrigerator. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment, and we will be happy to assist you!