“Play Battleship: How to Enjoy a Classic Board Game with Two Players”

Do you have what it takes to sink your opponent's ships? The classic board game, Battleship, pits two players against one another in an attempt to destroy the other's fleet by targeting hidden battleships in the ocean. With its easy-to-follow rules, Battleship is a great game for all skill levels! Can you outwit your opponent and be the last one standing?


Battleship is a classic game beloved by many people. It is a great game to play with friends and family. In this game, players battle to find and destroy each other’s ships by strategically placing and shooting squares on the board. In this article, we will guide you on how to play the Battleship board game for 2 players so you can enjoy the game together!

1 Introduction to the Battleship Board Game

Battleship is an incredibly popular board game played worldwide by 2 or more players. The objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s fleet by finding and sinking all of their ships.

Introduction to the Battleship board game
Introduction to the Battleship board game

2 Read 5 Minutes to Learn the Rules of the Battleship Board Game

The rules of Battleship are simple. Each player has a game board with numbered squares horizontally and letter squares vertically. Players place their ships on the board without revealing their positions to the opponent. Each ship has a different length, from 1 square to 5 squares. Players take turns attacking the opponent by selecting a square on the opponent’s board. If the square contains a part of a ship, the opponent announces that their ship has been sunk. If not, the opponent announces that the attack has failed and the turn passes to the next player. The game ends when all of one player’s ships are sunk.

Read 5 minutes to learn the rules of the Battleship board game
Read 5 minutes to learn the rules of the Battleship board game

3 How to Play the Battleship Board Game


Before starting the Battleship board game, you need to gather the necessary items:

  • Playing board: The Battleship board game includes two playing boards for two players. These boards are used to place ships and sink the opponent’s ships.
  • Ships: The Battleship board game comes with various ships of different types and sizes. You need to determine the number and type of ships to use in the game.


Ships in the Board Game

In the Battleship board game, there are different types and sizes of ships, including:

  • Aircraft carrier: Consists of 5 consecutive squares
  • Battleship: Consists of 4 consecutive squares
  • Cruiser: Consists of 3 consecutive squares
  • Submarine: Consists of 2 consecutive squares
  • Destroyer: Consists of 1 single square

Each player places their ships on the playing board without revealing their positions. The objective is to find the opponent’s ships by shooting squares on their playing board and sinking all of their ships before they do the same.

Ships in the board game
Ships in the board game

Detailed Rules

  • Two players sit opposite each other with their game boards facing away, so they cannot see each other’s boards.
  • Each player secretly places 5 battleships into their sea area. Ship placement should be horizontal or vertical, without diagonals or stacking. Ships cannot be moved after the game starts.
  • Players take turns shooting at the opponent’s ship positions on their sea area. The opponent announces whether the shot was a hit or a miss.
  • If a shot is a hit, both players mark the hit position on their own sea area and the opponent’s sea area secretly in red. The hit position cannot be shot again. If it’s a miss, mark it with white.
  • If all positions of a ship are marked red, the ship is sunk. The owner of the sea area announces the sunken ship.
  • The game is won when all 5 ships of one player are sunk.

Detailed rules
Detailed rules

4 Where to Play Battleship Board Game Online?

There are several ways to play Battleship online, depending on your preferences:

Free online Battleship:

There are many websites that offer free online versions of Battleship. You can search on Google to find these websites. They allow you to play against a computer or other players online.

Battleship on mobile devices:

You can search for Battleship game apps on Google Play or the App Store. These apps allow you to play directly on your mobile phone or tablet.

Battleship on Steam:

Battleship is also available on Steam, an online gaming platform. You can search for and purchase the Battleship game on Steam and play it directly on your computer.

Play Battleship board game online
Play Battleship board game online

5 Notes and Tips for Playing Battleship Board Game

Here are some tips for winning Battleship:

  • Be careful when placing your ships to avoid revealing their positions to the opponent.
  • If you hit a part of the opponent’s ship, attack the surrounding squares to find the rest of the ship.
  • Analyze the positions of the sunken squares to make educated guesses about the positions of other ships.

Tips for playing Battleship board game
Tips for playing Battleship board game

With these simple instructions, we hope you can learn and enjoy playing Battleship with your friends and family. Have a relaxing and enjoyable time playing the game! You can also explore other interesting board games with us!