Ready-made Bánh chưng available for Tet at Bach Hoa XANH

Bánh chưng has always been a traditional dish during Tet holiday. Today, let's explore the ready-made bánh chưng options that are currently available from us, ensuring safety for the Tet holiday!


To have a full and warm Tet holiday, bánh chưng is an indispensable dish. This dish is known for its delicious and flavorful taste, full of the atmosphere of Tet. To be able to choose pre-made bánh chưng safely for Tet, please follow the article below.

1Choose safe and delicious pre-made bánh chưng for Tet

3A Hanoi bánh chưng

3A is one of the leading companies specializing in pre-packaged food production, so it is a brand that has received many positive feedbacks from customers. With over 10 years of experience in producing bánh chưng with the characteristic flavor of the North, this is a choice of a reputable brand.

This is known as a premium bánh chưng product of 3A with carefully selected safe and high-quality ingredients such as: Nếp Nương Tây Bắc, dẻ sông, Thịt Ba Chỉ, tiêu Phú Quốc.

Bánh chưng Hà Nội 3A with the characteristic flavor of the North

Bánh chưng here has the characteristic flavor of the North, with the sticky and fragrant rice part, the rich and slightly spicy flavor of the pork belly, and the aromatic flavor of Phú Quốc pepper, which create a complete combination for the traditional bánh chưng dish.

Along with more than 10 years of experience in bánh chưng production, you can rest assured and choose the products of 3A in general and the delicious and attractive bánh chưng in particular.

Currently, we are selling bánh chưng for 115,000 VND and 76,000 VND.

Tuấn Ảnh Traditional bánh chưng

Tuấn Ảnh is known as a bánh chưng production facility with the Northern flavor, processed on modern production lines, and certified quality and food safety. This is a reputable bánh chưng production facility in Đồng Nai trusted by many customers.

Tuấn Ảnh Traditional bánh chưng

Tuấn Ảnh bánh chưng is known for its delicious flavor, processed safely and skillfully. The sticky and soft rice part is wrapped outside the fatty and chewy mung bean filling, along with the flavorful pork belly filling.

Tuấn Ảnh bánh chưng with soft and sticky rice part

To create a charming and captivating bánh chưng, the ingredients such as sticky rice, mung bean, salt, fatty pork, etc. are carefully selected and processed in an exquisite and high-quality manner. From the selection to the processing, safety is always ensured.

2Preserving bánh chưng

Bánh chưng can be preserved for about 7 to 10 days under outdoor conditions. However, it also depends on the tightness of the wrapping, and the environmental conditions in each place, which may vary.

After cooking the bánh chưng, wash the bánh to remove any plastic residue from the leaves. Then hang the bánh in a cool and airy place to let it completely dry. Finally, place the bánh on a piece of paper and use a weight to tighten the bánh even more.

In addition, you can refer to the following for more preservation methods.

Preserving bánh chưng

Currently, Tuấn Ảnh bánh chưng is producing two types with 1kg and 1.5kg weights to provide a diverse selection. And the listed prices at our place are 65,000 VND for 1kg bánh chưng and 112,000 VND for 1.5kg bánh chưng.

We have presented you with these cakes, so come to our branches or order on our website. Please take a look and choose the bánh chưng that suits you.

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