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Should You Cut Bánh Chưng with a String or a Knife?

Introducing the age-old dilemma of cutting Vietnamese traditional cake, Banh Chung: the delicate art of using bamboo strings versus the swift convenience of a knife.

Eating Banh Chung during Tet without worrying about gaining weight is so easy

The plight of many, during the Lunar New Year, is being surrounded by delicious food but fearing weight gain and health issues. Here are three ways to enjoy bánh chưng without worrying about accumulating fat, gaining weight, or dietary restrictions.

3 Ways to Enjoy Bánh Chưng Without Worrying about Fat Gain. Avoid These 4...

Many people struggle during the Lunar New Year as they are tempted by delicious food but worry about gaining weight and health issues. Here are three ways to enjoy eating bánh chưng without the fear of gaining weight and for those who should avoid it.

Ready-made Bánh chưng available for Tet at Bach Hoa XANH

Bánh chưng has always been a traditional dish during Tet holiday. Today, let's explore the ready-made bánh chưng options that are currently available from us, ensuring safety for the Tet holiday!

How to fix undercooked bánh chưng and bánh tét on Tet holiday

Ban chung and banh tet are traditional dishes that are made in almost every household during the Lunar New Year. However, not everyone knows how to cook them evenly. Don't worry, this article will guide you on how to fix undercooked banh chung and banh tet for Tet holiday.

How to fry sticky rice cake without oil or fat: Crispy and light, delicious...

With the oil-free and fat-free frying recipe below, you can enjoy a delicious dish without worrying about gaining weight.

How to keep your banh chung soft and delicious for a whole month after...

With the following secret to preserve banh chung, you can keep your banh chung fresh for a long time without the need for a refrigerator.

Effective Remedies for Overcooked Bánh Chưng and Bánh Tét

Chung cakes, including "bánh chưng" and "bánh tét," are traditional cakes commonly enjoyed during the Tet holiday in Vietnam. However, not everyone knows the best way to cook these cakes to ensure they are evenly cooked and delicious. Let the Kitchen Tips section of Điện máy XANH reveal simple remedies to fix flat or uncooked chung cakes for you!

5 Ways to Preserve Delicious and Fresh Bánh Chưng – Bánh Tét Throughout Tet...

Chung cake, sticky rice cake - are the must-have delicacies for Vietnamese Lunar New Year. But if you don't know how to properly preserve the cake, it can easily spoil and become moldy. So, let's explore the tips in the Kitchen Tips section by Điện máy XANH to learn how to preserve these delicious chung cake and sticky rice cake throughout the Tet season!

Essential Foods to Have in the Fridge Before the Lunar New Year

As the Tet holiday approaches, Điện máy Xanh has some helpful tips on what to stock up on and store in the refrigerator in preparation for the festivities. With most of the markets and supermarkets closing for the holiday, it is essential to have the necessary food on hand. Read on to find out what to keep in your refrigerator!

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